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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today was one of those rat race days - making me so glad it's almost Thursday. I got lots of unpleasantness done today, which means the weekend approach moves should be a little more relaxed, a little less stressful. I do have one business thingy that will "go down" tomorrow, but I view it as conflict resolution, and I already know what I will ask for in the event things don't go my way. Point, counterpoint. It does help when logic is on your side. I couldn't even explain it all if I tried, but suffice it to say, it's the same old song and dance of salesperson-boss-client-agency, and my job is to make sure my client is happy, and if I can't get them that, I can at least make it clear the lengths to which we went in the effort to obtain 'happy'.

OK, I have more to say? But I'm out of time. I've been away from this for almost two hours! See ya tomorrow - after I kick a li'l ass....
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Because You Never Know When Life Will Present You With A Need.... use freezer paper.

I have no idea what this person is doing, but I must say, it was a fresh alternative to beanie babies peering back at me.
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Closeted Miracles

OK, I know most of you know that I can fall victim to the belief that the Next Big Thing can truly change my life in every way imaginable. If I accrue enough plastic tubs and storage items, when the tipping point is reached, then I will finally become organized. Know where everything is. You know .... kinda impossible. But I do keep the hope alive.

That said, I did discover a product that has made a huge difference in my life. And I love it/them. And so far? After two weeks? They're still working for me, and I'm a lot more organized, at least in one small area of my life. What is it? Well, it's these flocked hangers. Prior to these, I was using oversized/large plastic hangers, and discovering that I still had to fold clothing over the lower bar of the hanger for it to stay on. Much of my wardrobe is knits, and many of those are slinky/slippery/smooth fabric and they just won't stay on a hanger. So I found that much of my wardrobe was not visible to the eye and everything took up twice as much space, if not more. And I thought I'd give these a go. Well, hell's bells, they work like a charm. I even got a set of the pant hangers & draped my skirts on them. Now, when I look at my side of the closet, I can readily see all of my tops and make a choice based on a visual cue, versus relying on memory or a vague recollection. You can't use them for wet clothes, so I'm employing the plastic hangers down in the laundry room, and switching the clothes over once they're dry. They're also super skinny, so a lot more fits in the space. And shirts aren't falling off to disappear at the back of the closet! I love 'em. There's my toot-toot for those hangers. (I know, I'm no Billy Mays!) I've seen them at Target, but I know with my 20% off coupon for BB&B, the 50 hangers for $32 was a pretty sweet deal.

In other news, we are still waiting for Tripper to outgrow some dastardly puppy behavior. He loves to chew. Chew, chew, chew. And we have all sorts of bones - real and faux - but left to his own devices, he has destroyed many a random thing. A new rubber rug from Target lost a corner in just a few minutes of being left in the house alone - a plastic thermometer, a screwdriver, and yesterday, he took a plastic milk jug (James uses them in the greenhouse & the coldframe) and destroyed it to a million little pieces. He's like our own live shredder. But does he take the credit card offers and junk mail that needs shredding? No. He had an old paintbrush that was actually pretty comical to see, as he ran around with the brush end sticking out, like he was off to whip up his next masterpiece. And on Saturday, he got ahold of a knife of James' (he likes to go into James' workshed and root around for oddities that an ordinary lab wouldn't discover). So he's running around with this plastic-handled pocket knife (open!) looking like a goddamned pirate, without his eye patch. I quickly got that away from him and into an up-high, inaccessible spot. And we have to put the lid on the trash down, or else he's in there, discovering things like cream cheese wrappers or the ends of baby bok choy. I just shake my head. No magic solution for this except time - and vigilance!
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Barely Refrained from Freaking Out!

I went to Sung Son for lunch with mah BFF Beth, and we were eager to try out their new lunchtime buffet. It was terrific. At one point, I believe I said, "I don't even know how much this is, but it's freakin' AWESOME!"

For the record? $8.99. Dudes & dudettes? They have SPRING ROLLS on the buffet. And Vietnamese egg rolls, made with those lovely thin wrappers. And a noodle soup bowl selection of like, 10 different kinds. And bun. And a bunch of chinese dishes, too. Hog-freakin-heaven, since spring rolls are my Achilles heel. And a vat of peanut sauce? Died and gone to heaven, folks. You normally pay $4 to get 2 spring rolls. It was phenomenal. And to me, the glorious part of Vietnamese food is that it's healthy (as long as you don't ladle the peanut sauce onto everything!) so I feel pretty good right now. It's very filling, tasty, well-prepared - mm. I'm pleased as punch & it seems to have picked up their business, too, so it should be a win-win situation for them.

As long as they keep that spring roll wrapper person on staff. Man. They're just so good!


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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Perverse Delight.

I really can get quite giddy when people think I'm stupid. Sometimes, I get pissed, or truly angry, or even upset for long periods of time, but there are certain situations when people think I don't see things, or have the inability to perceive things correctly, or that they can outright lie to me while patting me on the head like the Grinch did to Cindy Lou Who.

And while I may bristle a bit at the head patting (condescension is SO not the path of headway with me), I absolutely laugh, nay, CHORTLE when someone thinks I'm blind as a bat (and you have siiiight).
(abrupt subject change)

Speaking of blind mice, have you played PackRat on Facebook? That is the devil's online game, and I am cursing the day Kristin invited me to play. As James curses me, for getting him to play it. Frankly speaking, I need more friends so I can steal things from you, so let me know if you're out there & playing it. How's that for forthright?

Meanwhile, I'm chortling away this afternoon. I may have a gajillion faults and weaknesses, but stupidity is rarely the cause.
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just skim and move along. Lame-O!

OK, between the astronomical amounts of pollen in the air, and the spectacularly loud hailstorm/thunderstorm/lightening storm last night, I am starting to feel a little mad. Not as in angry, but mad as in "going straight off my rocker and into the deep end of the pool."

I even had to get up mid-storm & put on an eye mask, that's how bright the storm got. Made things glow red behind my tightly shut lids, and I was raspy-snore-breathing because all of my sinuses and eyes felt like they'd been injected with some sort of Hollywood starlet puffy-making thing that would normally go in your lips to plump them, but instead, wound up in the wrong spots. Painful, irritating, sleep-depriving stuff. Oh, and I'm still gimping a bit. Yay! I'm definitely sore and all the rest of the atypically-used muscles are PISSED they have to step up and do more than usual.

Let's see. So. I'm just going to wing the rest of the day. I'm as about as reliable and even-tempered as a hungry, angry goat, which is probably a good indication that Popcorn Does Not A Lunch Make, and I need to get on the stick and get some stuff done tonight. This? This is the worst blog entry ever. Just to make it a skosh better, and to let you see the side of me that loves to post over on Lazy Stupid & Godless (on Ravelry, where we are neither Lazy, nor Stupid, but some are, surely, Godless): I did post something yesterday about the big drama with the FLDS in Texas - and while many were getting a bit wound up about the abuse, and the wrongness of it all, and don't get me wrong, I agree, I just wanted to make one salient point. Couldn't they spring for another dress pattern? For the love of their holy underwear, could we get another style or two into the rotation?

I'm done. Fried, toasted, and fricasseed. My apologies to the chef & the readers.


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Monday, April 21, 2008

Did I Fall Off The Face Of The Earth, Too?

No, but I did fall down again.


Fell down again. So we had the first incident on Tuesday evening. Then, on Thursday evening, I let the (very soaking wet) dogs in, and while they danced off their muddy paws in the entryway, they still carried some drippage in on their coats. (This is foreshadowing!) I was sitting down to eat some stir-fry & realized I'd forgotten to put the little packet of cashews on top, and who doesn't love a nice cashew crunch, well, if you're allergic maybe, but I'm not, so I toodle back in to the kitchen & cut the top off the package & stump my way back. Wearing Crocs. (Have you worn Crocs? So comfy. But sadly, the equivalent of ice skates when worn on wet tile.) I hit a wet tile - with my good left foot. Which went shooting out to the side. Leaving me to balance on the bad foot, and I'd :just: taken the splint off to air my ankle out. It was like the Balance Gnomes freaked out, and all the other gnomes just looked at 'em like, "Dudes. You crazy." I didn't even bother to fight this fall. I went straight down (face first!) and caught myself with my knees (ow) and my palms (ow, ow.) And spilled a few cashews, too. So now I'm flat out, face down (prone) (opposed to supine, which is flat out face up), with the wind almost knocked out of me, and I'm surrounded by wet smelly dogs eagerly trying to find every nut that was knocked loose.

Fighting the fall is where more injury happens, I do believe. The fact that I realized in that split second that there was nothing my bad foot could do but get hurt more, probably worked in my favor. I did, however, bruise my ribcage sufficiently - every laugh for a couple of days came with a wince & a twinge. I still get worn out from the gimping, because I'm using all sorts of new muscles to compensate for the sprain, but it's nice to be on the mend, and not have any bones protruding through my skin. It's important to always be grateful, peeps.

I'm happy to report that this blogger has been accident-free for 3.5 days! Woo hoo! However, hard hats & knee pads are strongly encouraged.

Oh, and ETA: P.S., No earthquake jokes, dudes. I may have created some movement on my own Richter scale, but I'm too far away from the epicenter to be the cause. Bitches. Beat you to it!


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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm Fine Until the Drugs Wear Off....

I realized about 10 minutes ago that the reason things hurt is that I hadn't taken any pain relievers since 8 a.m. And that I'd planned to take some more at lunch, but then promptly forgot.

It's made for a semi-cranky demeanor, not to mention the fact that all the other muscles are a little irritated to be carrying more than their load. I appreciate the sympathy & concern - and had there been a glimmer of worry that it was in fact broken, I'd have gone to the doctor. I still will, if it doesn't continue to improve. According to my at-home physician (JWo) (who is assisted by Nurse Tripper - boys are nurses too!), the swelling had gone down a fair amount in one day. It does still hurt, but I did the "Is Your Ankle Broken" checklist, and as long as there's improvement, I should be fine. I do love, however, how every one of these online checklists incorporates something like, "Do a visual check, and if there are bones protruding from the skin, seek medical attention." Oh, really? Ya think? I'll get to the doctor right after I've recovered from puking and passing out from SEEING MY BONES coming through my skin. Fuuu-uck. I love how our litigious and Darwin-Award-driven society has removed all semblances of common sense. (Obviously, my 1,000 mg of pain reliever has not kicked in yet. Hi, Grouchers!)

I will end on a high note. I've saved this in my Bloglines, because it makes me grin every time I see it. And given the footwear, it feels vaguely appropriate. Except I'm pretty sure this hammy doesn't actually walk around in doll shoes.


(From Cute Overload, natch.)
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm seriously thinking my last moment in life will involve me in the tub. Taking a header. Isn't that a pretty common way to go? My lack of grace and sprained ankle have left me incredibly frustrated today (and in a fair amount of pain that isn't getting deadened from the handful of anti-inflammatories...) I stayed home today & kept up on things at work via email (thankfully!) and now I'm mustering the strength to go out and get myself some gimp-helpers, namely an ace bandage & possibly an air splint. Oh, and if there are any vicodin lying about on the ground, I'm going to pick those up, no matter how much it hurts at the time.

I did put some DPN holders into my etsy shop, and have quite a few more to put in there, so I'm not skipping the big alert/update, I just want the people who are interested to have a full selection! I need to get some more elastic, but .... the gimp thing again. Sigh. Frustrating! Tripper thinks it's awesome though, because he's gotten to sleep out in the living room all day, instead of in his crate. At least one of us is having an awesome day!

Well, I'm off to hobble through the CVS. If you see me, I'll be the pissy lady brandishing a sporty blue cane. In other words, keep back about four feet!
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And so my next piece of jewelry will be the "Life Alert"

It just got nuttier after that last post. Yes, I got my timesheets done. And then I decided to go back to the copier before I left - it was about 6:00 - and what happened? I tripped on the carpet, grabbed at my white board (which, let it be clear, offered NO support) and fell and sprained my ankle. And people were still there, and the huge white board crashing down caused a few faces to poke their heads in out of concern.

Excellent. I'm so graceful and now I'm a gimp to boot.

But! I have a lovely husband. He went and got dinner, waited on me all evening, and offered lots of sympathy. And I finished packaging & photographing a whole bunch of DPN holders, so tomorrow & Thursday, I'll be stocking my Etsy shop!

And muttering under my breath, "I've fallen! Goddammit!"
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I totally want to blog but the CFO is telling me to do my timesheets before I leave today.
More later. Hopefully.
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Monday, April 14, 2008

Rockin' the Bissell Life

We had a productive weekend - Friday night, we attended the BotaB3 - Battle of the Ad Bands, 3 - downtown, along with the pre-party that included unlimited beverages, pizza, and Guitar Hero. I did pretty well, though it's really unnerving to do something familiar (play GH3) while a lot of people are watching you and the photographer is snapping 800 pictures of you.

As my co-worker (and bass player for our company band) put it, "Welcome to playing guitar in a band." DUR.

Their band is "Love Tusk" and they deliver on what they promise: To rock your face off. I haven't been so entertained since - I don't know when! And the three Bacardi & Diet Cokes helped make everything amusing. (James was driving.) Because I :did: need a laugh or six - it had been a pretty grueling day, and I had a joyous project awaiting me at home.

The project, you ask? Tripper diarrhea, everywhere in the big carpeted room downstairs. Oatmeal carpeting, if you're asking. Light. Not that I'd ignore dog poo and hope future guests would just ignore the lumps, but a darker-colored carpet would have certainly been less stressful. (It came with the house!)

I had gone downstairs Friday morning to grab something from the laundry room - of course, he followed, as it is against his religion to be separated from you if you leave the main floor, and in the two minutes I was down there, he had an Accident of Epic Proportions. Foulness. And I was already running late. So all I could do was fight my gag reflex and shrug - it's not like the poop was going to roll around by itself. Sigh.

So I bought myself a mack-daddy Bissell on Saturday at Target. I've always skimped in the past, gotten some smaller device that promised undeliverable miracles, and since the last device was stolen in the burglary, we'd never replaced it. It hadn't cleaned the stains anyway. Sigh. Little did I know. I had finally made the right move.

This machine not only got all the diarrhea stain out (and believe-you-me, I went into this project skeptical AND heavily armed: gloves, numerous plastic bags, paper towels). It also got out the 4-year old urine stain from when Polly had peed right in front of the door and we'd unsuccessfully tried to get it out. (We gave up and put a small entry rug over it.) So. I'm happy with it. I did about half the stairs going up to the second level, and I can't wait to tackle the other stains up there. Joy from a carpet cleaner, crazy, I know! I used their expensive Pet & Soil cleaner (I figured what the hell, at that point.) My brain had been thinking we'd have to pay someone professional to come in (and what a PITA that would be, not to mention, NOT CHEAP). So I still feel like it was all worth it. Not that I'm anxious to use it again on any poopy accidents! Bleah!

I also got a TON of DPN holders made this weekend (my lord, if you knitters are still reading me, what fortitude and patience and strong stomachs! Thank you!) and I'll get them up in my Etsy shop in the very near future. Yay! Now, I'm off to hang with the Sock Club ladies at The Studio, and I should stop singing out loud at my desk because, well, I am NOT ALONE here. Just further cementing everyone's unspoken opinion that I'm utterly crazy. But fun! Crazy and fun. Now, equipped with a mack-daddy cleaning device. And available as a groupie for the Love Tuskers when needed.


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Thursday, April 10, 2008

RaoK, P Nuggy Style

Well, it's a gloomy day here in Kansas City, spitting rain and overcast. After meeting a couple of pals down at LuLu's for lunch, I really wanted some comfort coffee. I came to this realization partway back to the office, so I pulled into -yes- the megalopolis Starbucks. As I did this, another vehicle entered towards the drive-thru, but stopped to let me go. The guy could've been a real jackass and cut me off, but he didn't, and I was struck, a bit, by the notion of doing one of those Random Acts Of Kindness all the bloggers like to write about, and challenge others to do, but I never do them because I don't want to do something because I've been challenged to do it, but rather I want to do it because it really feels like the right thing to do. Sometimes my heart is a tiny lump of coal, ya know? And maybe my shoes are too tight. ;) And drivers sometimes just bite. Or life is so busy and filled up it's easy to forget to do something extra when you're worried about forgetting the next six things you need to do today. (To her credit, the first place I really started reading about this regularly, Sheri at the Loopy Ewe has to be the kindest person alive, I swear. She does RaoKs all the time and makes the world a better place. Me? I am usually screaming at people from the safe bubble inside Mimi Murano about their horrid driving.)

So I put in my order - nonfat Venti Cafe Mocha, and cave for the whip, because hell, I just made the dang thing nonfat, why not have a sweet li'l whip on top? And pull around to pay. A very nice, hippie-sorta dude leans out the window as I explain that I want to pay for my drink, as well as the guy-behind-me's drink, because he was so nice to not cut me off and I'm blathering about being random, and I'm a little worried he thinks I'm not only crazy but I'm stalking the guy behind me (how hard would that be?) and instead, he nods and takes my card, and says something about how the guy behind me got the same drink I did. (Crazy! And super ESP for a stalker, I'd say!) The windows close, and I see him talking to the barista making our drinks, and then he swipes my card & comes back, and hands me my receipt. And says, "You paid for his drink, but I paid for yours, because you were being nice." And I kinda open-mouth fish gaped and then had the where-with-all to remember to tip him.

Now, I love the independent coffee shops. I met my husband in one, we got engaged there four years later, and I always feel a twinge guilty when I give my money to the 800-pound gorilla. But - but - geeze. What a nice thing to do, and the guy behind me followed me out to the stop sign & honked & waved, and we all went on with our days, a little happier and reminded of the fact that a little kindness and generosity go a long way, no matter what's going on in the world.

And, I guess it shows that even big mega-corporations can have a soul if they hire the right people, hm?

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

File Under: "Queasy Odd Moments"

My doctor's office had apparently not updated much of my records over the past few years - they had my old employer & phone number, and so I was leaning over the counter talking to the front desk lady (who's been there forever, too, and knows me by name), answering questions as she went through her screen. It all seemed kind of funny, like all these things from three years ago - or ten - that I hadn't thought about in so long. Then, "Emergency contact still Rick?" as she looked up at me from her keyboard, and I found myself gaping like a fish suddenly removed from its aqueous environment. Uh, Rick? That's my dad. He'd always been my emergency contact, my whole life, until I married James, and even then, we've always joked that he'd totally be pulling the plug on me within five minutes. (I still trust him with my life, but I have stressed the need to MAKE SURE heroic measures had at least been attempted first!) In any event, my mind raced because part of me didn't want to change it, to cling to another corner of my life somehow untouched or sullied by his death, but then the practical side of me woke up and stepped in and had her change it to James. But I'm putting it in writing right here, right now, that there is no plug-pulling unless a team of doctors give me no chance at all. (And I'm also going to point out I've had this running joke long before Will Ferrell did it in Talladega Nights!)


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Wants & Kneeds, Kneeds & Wants

I was delighted to get linked on Stephanie Japel's blog for my DPN holders! I already have a couple people who want to be alerted when my stock is replenished - if you're interested, leave a comment or email me at plazajen AT gmail (dot com, of course). I've got an etsy account & shop setup, but no goods to hang in the windows! Soon, though, very soon, I promise.

On daily life, it's been an interesting couple of days - the Royals home opener was yesterday, and it was horrid weather. I skipped the game, but got my fill of the spirit by tailgating - plenty of fresh air, bbq smoke, and officemate camaraderie (oh and gusting, freezing winds and rain). This morning was my annual doctor's appointment (I always hear the song, "Back in the Saddle Again", in my head when I'm getting ready to head over there for that appointment....) My doctor is not even 5' tall, a little Vietnamese bundle of energy, and I adore her. We talked knitting, and she just had a baby last year, so we also talked parenting skills/style (I figure three dogs count for something) and also James' teaching experiences contribute to the conversation. Hey. Anything to ignore what's going on, I say. They have an awesome phlebotomist at the office, but sadly, she didn't quite get all the alcohol wiped off my arm before starting the draw... I've never had that happen before. I tried not to overreact, especially with a needle in my arm, but I finally said, "So.....should it be burning like that?" It subsided eventually, but she was concerned and asked me several questions to make sure it wasn't something else. Finally, I said, ok, am I in danger of my blood leaking and filling up my arm? (I was trying to imagine what the absolute worst case scenario would be.) The answer, fortunately, was "no." (It would have started to happen already. Gulp. I thought I was coming up with an impossible scenario...)

So now I have some crazy work projects to knock out, and a few things to get crossed off my to-do list so I stop the maddening cycle of "OH YEAH - I've GOT to get that done" and then promptly forgetting to do it. In fact, I keep hopping out of this box to do other things & then I remember, "DUH! I didn't hit 'Post'!" Welcome to my world. At least it isn't boring!
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Monday, April 07, 2008

Whizzing By....

I knew the Studio was taking a bunch of my DPN holders to Knitting in the Heartland - and while I was buoyed by the fact they bought my entire inventory, I was stricken on Saturday by the thought, "What if nobody buys them?" So, it was very exciting on Sunday to come home and have a message from Carmen on the answering machine, telling me that THE celebrity-author KitH teacher, Stephanie Japel herself, had just bought all my devil duckies because all her friends at home were knitting socks!!!! Woohoo! And then James spent half the weekend outside in the greenhouse, tutoring people on the finer points of gardening and growing tomatoes, and he sold quite a few plants.

Now I'm nursing a headache that I woke up with this morning, and wrangling snakes. Metaphorically speaking, of course. It's definitely a Monday!


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Friday, April 04, 2008

All Amok, All the Time.

There's no way I can recap everything that's been going on. Suffice it to say that the highlight of my week has been hearing the story of a guy who left his personal copy of "Balls Deep" in his work laptop, unaware his computer was being taken by IT while he was being laid-off. (Said movie is not about soccer. Or volleyball.) That and the story of another person who was in a freak yachting accident in Venezuela that left her unable to walk, and they had to use a scissors-lift to help her board the plane & it got stuck. I haven't laughed so hard since I-don't-know-when.

We did discover that Tripper also is not a fan of Jane's Addiction. Specifically "Been Caught Stealin'" - the song starts with dogs barking, and he went all over the yard barking and looking for the interlopers. I missed it, because I was out drinking with a veritable gaggle of former co-workers, swapping war stories and laughing at other people's expense. (Isn't that the best currency?)

Oh - and file this under "Like I Needed More Stuff To Do" - I started making double-pointed needle holders. Mostly because I was going nuts with this tie I was knitting for James, and the stitches kept slipping off while I was toting the project around in my bag. Because things with me tend to take on levels of grand proportions, I suddenly found myself, mid-week, in the throes of mass-production. (They are simple to make? But they take time. And drilling. And patience!) Turns out, I'm on to something here, and I sold my first batch to The Studio. I'm going to make more, and depending on interest, put them on Etsy as well. I'll yammer about it more when the time comes! But they're super cute, and I'm calling my little bidness "Wants & Kneeds" (so don't steal the name, it's now under creative licensing copywrite, m0fos) They are "Quirky Panaceas for the Avid Knitter" and I have the line from my dad on the back: "It's better to have, than to want." It feels nice including him on it, in a funny way. And now we have two cottage industries running amok at our house - knitting stuffs and tomato and pepper plants!
DPN Holders

TGIF! The weekend's always short, so have fun!!!


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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The List, It Is Growing.

We've established a few things that really set Tripper off. Turns out, the list is growing. Daily.

1. Cowboys. We know it's either cowboys, or Josh Brolin. Fortunately, we don't get a lot of cowboys through our south siiiide neighborhood, nor do we watch a lot of westerns. And as far as I know, Josh Brolin doesn't cruise by regularly.

2. Stranger Danger. This is not unusual, and all three dogs have this trigger.

3. Spacial Distance of One Single Story. If Tripper's in his crate, and I have to run upstairs or go downstairs to the basement? He, simply put, loses his shit. Bizzonkers with barking. No matter how much I yell at him or return to provide negative stimulus. He used to be afraid of stairs, and now he's just beside himself with crazy if he can't go with you.

4. Large Yellow Trash Bags. Specifically, large yellow trash bags, full of trash, put out the night before. Normally, we put our trash out in the morning ("we" is "JWo") because otherwise you might end up with critters strewing it all over the yard. But if there's no food stuffs or scraps in the bags, James will put them out the night before - and he'd done a fair amount of cleaning up outside, and we had several bags of trash that he put out front. Tripper? DOES NOT APPROVE. He barked at them every time he saw them through the breezeway door.

5. This last one - and surely, it will not BE the last, but it's the last one for today - is Tripper himself. After James left for work, I was getting ready to put on my makeup, and in a bold and sudden move, Tripper put his paws up on the bathroom counter and stood up, right next to me. My mouth was open in shock, and before I had a moment to react (and yell, and push him down), he caught sight of himself in the large mirror. Oh. Mah. God. He was SO PISSED. And I couldn't stop laughing, and so we had this crazy mix of bad behavior not getting corrected and of course, after I shooed him down, I let him do it again just for the laughs (though I took his paws off the counter and put them on my arm, like I used to do with my dog when I was a kid.) And then he showed an inordinate interest in my makeup, so perhaps he wants to be a little drag queen. He was barking because he wanted to be pretty!


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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Would You Like To Meet Our Neighbor?

It's the Crazy Cat Lady, from Archie McPhee. And Archie McPhee is like, the greatest site ever. I had to call this morning because they'd forgotten my Bacon Pennant. I did, however,get two boxes of Double Monkey Gum, gratis. And they promised to ship my bacon flag pronto.

(None of this is a joke. However, to really look like our Crazy Cat Lady Neighbor, the action figurine needs to go on a meth diet, and she would also have an add-on accessory pack entitled "Cop Cars and Bambalances, for Nighttime Drama".)
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Google's April Fool...

Google has created "Custom Time", so you can back-date/time stamp your emails to people and never be late again! Too, too funny.

More later, but this cracked me up this morning!
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