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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Perverse Delight.

I really can get quite giddy when people think I'm stupid. Sometimes, I get pissed, or truly angry, or even upset for long periods of time, but there are certain situations when people think I don't see things, or have the inability to perceive things correctly, or that they can outright lie to me while patting me on the head like the Grinch did to Cindy Lou Who.

And while I may bristle a bit at the head patting (condescension is SO not the path of headway with me), I absolutely laugh, nay, CHORTLE when someone thinks I'm blind as a bat (and you have siiiight).
(abrupt subject change)

Speaking of blind mice, have you played PackRat on Facebook? That is the devil's online game, and I am cursing the day Kristin invited me to play. As James curses me, for getting him to play it. Frankly speaking, I need more friends so I can steal things from you, so let me know if you're out there & playing it. How's that for forthright?

Meanwhile, I'm chortling away this afternoon. I may have a gajillion faults and weaknesses, but stupidity is rarely the cause.
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