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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just skim and move along. Lame-O!

OK, between the astronomical amounts of pollen in the air, and the spectacularly loud hailstorm/thunderstorm/lightening storm last night, I am starting to feel a little mad. Not as in angry, but mad as in "going straight off my rocker and into the deep end of the pool."

I even had to get up mid-storm & put on an eye mask, that's how bright the storm got. Made things glow red behind my tightly shut lids, and I was raspy-snore-breathing because all of my sinuses and eyes felt like they'd been injected with some sort of Hollywood starlet puffy-making thing that would normally go in your lips to plump them, but instead, wound up in the wrong spots. Painful, irritating, sleep-depriving stuff. Oh, and I'm still gimping a bit. Yay! I'm definitely sore and all the rest of the atypically-used muscles are PISSED they have to step up and do more than usual.

Let's see. So. I'm just going to wing the rest of the day. I'm as about as reliable and even-tempered as a hungry, angry goat, which is probably a good indication that Popcorn Does Not A Lunch Make, and I need to get on the stick and get some stuff done tonight. This? This is the worst blog entry ever. Just to make it a skosh better, and to let you see the side of me that loves to post over on Lazy Stupid & Godless (on Ravelry, where we are neither Lazy, nor Stupid, but some are, surely, Godless): I did post something yesterday about the big drama with the FLDS in Texas - and while many were getting a bit wound up about the abuse, and the wrongness of it all, and don't get me wrong, I agree, I just wanted to make one salient point. Couldn't they spring for another dress pattern? For the love of their holy underwear, could we get another style or two into the rotation?

I'm done. Fried, toasted, and fricasseed. My apologies to the chef & the readers.


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