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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wants & Kneeds, Kneeds & Wants

I was delighted to get linked on Stephanie Japel's blog for my DPN holders! I already have a couple people who want to be alerted when my stock is replenished - if you're interested, leave a comment or email me at plazajen AT gmail (dot com, of course). I've got an etsy account & shop setup, but no goods to hang in the windows! Soon, though, very soon, I promise.

On daily life, it's been an interesting couple of days - the Royals home opener was yesterday, and it was horrid weather. I skipped the game, but got my fill of the spirit by tailgating - plenty of fresh air, bbq smoke, and officemate camaraderie (oh and gusting, freezing winds and rain). This morning was my annual doctor's appointment (I always hear the song, "Back in the Saddle Again", in my head when I'm getting ready to head over there for that appointment....) My doctor is not even 5' tall, a little Vietnamese bundle of energy, and I adore her. We talked knitting, and she just had a baby last year, so we also talked parenting skills/style (I figure three dogs count for something) and also James' teaching experiences contribute to the conversation. Hey. Anything to ignore what's going on, I say. They have an awesome phlebotomist at the office, but sadly, she didn't quite get all the alcohol wiped off my arm before starting the draw... I've never had that happen before. I tried not to overreact, especially with a needle in my arm, but I finally said, "So.....should it be burning like that?" It subsided eventually, but she was concerned and asked me several questions to make sure it wasn't something else. Finally, I said, ok, am I in danger of my blood leaking and filling up my arm? (I was trying to imagine what the absolute worst case scenario would be.) The answer, fortunately, was "no." (It would have started to happen already. Gulp. I thought I was coming up with an impossible scenario...)

So now I have some crazy work projects to knock out, and a few things to get crossed off my to-do list so I stop the maddening cycle of "OH YEAH - I've GOT to get that done" and then promptly forgetting to do it. In fact, I keep hopping out of this box to do other things & then I remember, "DUH! I didn't hit 'Post'!" Welcome to my world. At least it isn't boring!
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