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Monday, March 31, 2008

Pimp My 'Maters

So, if you're in the KC area & you're thinking about growing tomatoes this year? Have I got a deal for you. Someone (JAMES) went a little - um - crazy this year, with the seeds and the greenhouse and the excitement and the tomato varieties. He put an ad on CraigsList, but I'm also pimping his 'mater seedlings here. Why? Because "we" have over a thousand tomato plants started. (Yes. One Thousand.) And the pepper onslaught has just begun. The small seedlings are in plastic cups, the bigger ones are in pots. You can put them outside during the day - but bring them in at night so they are protected. Here is his sales pitch, and if you want to buy any plants, just let me know! plazajen AT gmail (which is, of course, a DOT COM). If there's something coming up in the "lineup" that you want, shoot me an email or leave a comment & I can make sure you get what you want. As you can see, we're taking on the big-box stores already, first year out of the gate. :)

(The following is all JWo:)

I've got two hybrid varieties, Roma VF (great for sauces, salsa, and pico!) and Better Boy Hybrid VFN: Guinness record holder--342 pounds of fruit from one plant! Better Boy Hybrid (VFN) Tomato is deep red and meaty, up to a pound each. Dense foliage cover, too. Indeterminate. The Roma VF's were transplanted into 1 oz containers this week and I'll sell them for $1 each or 6 for $5. They are small, but are in Miracle Grow potting soil and with some TLC over the next month from you they will be big and healthy and ready to plant in late April or May. The Better Boys have been transplanted to 4 inch pots for about 3 weeks now and are 8-10 inches tall with thick stems and lots of leaves. They could go right in the garden now if you use wall-o-waters or make a cold frame for them. I’d like $2 each for these amazing little guys or 6 for $10.

Now for the heirlooms…I don’t know where to start! All seeds came from TomatoFest and are certified organic. There are detailed descriptions there as well as pics of the fruits.

I have a gazillion Brandywine and Brandywine Red seedlings in the 16 oz containers….$1 each or 6 for $5. I also have some Jumbo Roma and Russian Big Roma plants.

I also have some various seedlings that are still in the seed cells that I planted them in...they haven't been transplanted yet. I'll sell these for 50 cents a piece or 12 for $5

If you’re not ready to buy plants yet, hang on before you buy them from Lowe’s or Wal-Mart! Later on in April, I’ll have Julia Child, Bream’s Yellow Pear, Amana Orange, Super Snow White, Ace-55’s, Martino’s Roma, Florida Pink, Striped Cavern, Hawaiian Currant, and Chadwick Cherry as well as some great bell peppers, banana peppers, jalapenos, and habanero plants. Keep watching CL for when I’ve got those ready for sale.

(Now, back to me - isn't it always "Back to Me"?! All this tomato talk has my mouth a-watering for real, fresh, heirloom tomatoes. And at least half the reason he picks such a variety and grows them is because he knows how much I love love love them, and that? Is just one of many reasons why I love him!)
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