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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fishing Clarification

Yes, those fish are for eatin'. They are huge. They're called spoonbill, or paddlefish, and they're only in five major U.S. rivers, the biggest being Missouri & Mississippi (the others are tributaries to these two) - we fish the Mighty MO (which goes into/through the Lake of the Ozarks). The only other place in the world to catch them is the Yangtze river in China. They look prehistoric, and the only way you catch them is by snagging. It's a fair amount of work, you have to find them, and basically catch one on a hook by running your line into it. And they fight. And they're good eatin'. So good. OMG. I can't WAIT to get down to the lake to have some!

And if I do? I now have all sorts of bells & whistles on my phone, and you bet your ass I'll be mobile blogging my moment!
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