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Monday, March 03, 2008

Tripper Has No Clue....

....But this week, his balls are coming off.

We've planned to neuter Tripper since we decided we were his forever home, and just haven't gotten around to doing it. It seemed to drop on the to-do list once he stopped attempting to hump Polly or Suzy, and it's just sort of been "out there" on my radar of things I need to get to.

And then Saturday happened. James was running an errand, and I was bustling around the house, engaged in one of those never-ending unfolding projects where you start with cleaning off and organizing one small section and then that leads to X....and Y....and the small section still isn't done so you circle around and then you see, oh, hey, the counter is still cluttered with the 12 cans of sliced beets James bought for you to pickle, and so you start mentally calculating that project into your day, and you go back to the bedroom to ....wha? There's something wet on the floor. But not much. It seems to be right by the Pillow of Power, and that seems to be a little wet, but again, we've had accidents in the house and this looked like a little slosh, not an outright - ooooooooh fuck, as my eyes went UPWARD on the side of the bed and saw a large circle of wetness on my comforter hanging off the end of the bed. There's only two mammals in the house who can aim their pee, and one of them wasn't home. That left only one culprit, and I cursed his furry ball sacs as I stomped down to the washing machine.

And that is how Tripper's Balls moved to the top of my to-do list. The appointment has been made.


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