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Monday, February 18, 2008

Distinguished. Distinctive. Plus Glitter.


Saturday night was the Kansas City Addy's - an award show for all the local agencies. This year's event was tremendously fun, especially compared to last year. The venue was great - Bartle Hall - and it was definitely more social. I ran into numerous former co-workers, and people I hadn't seen in years, met some new people and I am not kidding when I say half of these people complimented me on my eyeliner.

Yep. Eyeliner.
100_0345 (see the sparkle?)

So, I'm almost 40, and I decided to glam it up a bit - the theme was James Bond/007, so I could get away with a little youthful dorkiness, right? I used some very sparkly dark purple glitter over my liquid eyeliner (have I lost my male readers yet?) and then She-Laq over it, so the glitter wasn't going anywhere. Seriously, glitter is the most fun, ever. It's even a really fun word to say.... glitter.... OK! Backing up though, before the event, and before the fourteen-mile walk to the event (hi, blisters), we had a small agency happy hour at a nearby hotel (if by "nearby" you mean "fourteen miles by walkway"), and that is where I discovered my new favorite drink: The Singapore Sling. Honestly, I picked it because the name is fun, and the first ingredient on the bar list was GIN. So few frou-frou cocktails use gin, most are vodka or rum based. When I ordered my :cough: third one (which was also my last), the bartender asked me if I enjoyed it. (Mistress of the Obvious! Yes!) She then when on to say it was a distinguished drink, with a distinctive taste, and not everyone cared for it. Boy howdy, use those words around me and I puff up like a pelican. They're so ... rarely used to describe me. Right up there with "Shy" and "Refined" and "Organized".

Anyhoo, now I want to make these myself, and I discovered this nice source online that seems to be The Authentic Version - now I have to figure out how to get a Benedictine Monk into a bottle, and where one buys the stuff, but I figure my local Gomer's would have it.

Oh, one last FYI about the glitter. It's a bitch to get off your eyelids with that She-Laq. Ah, the price of beauty and distinction.....

(With one photo, I provide evidence to the contrary.)


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