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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today Is Hereby Proclaimed "TTFLTDWSIFO" Day

That would be shorthand for, "Thank The Freakin' Lord The Damned Writer's Strike Is Finally Over" Day.

This article on TV Guide is being continually updated as the networks release the schedules for new shows. Hopefully this will hasten the end to American Gladiators and So You Want To Marry A Millionaire Assmunch On National Television And Are Willing To Eat Bugs To Win kind of shows.

We've definitely been playing lots more Wii during the strike, and I must say, I brought this game home last night:

The animation is amazing. And I have not laughed that hard, for that long, since I can really remember. James pointed out that the games really don't involve much skill. Perhaps that is why I love them so. It's just stupid funny. It will be a great party game, watching four adults "wash clothes & hold them up to check if they're clean enough".... all the while the rabbids are making crazy noises and looking ridiculous. There was one game where you are in an Old West setting and doing a quick draw against a cowboy rabbid. OMG. I laughed so hard I threw James off his game, along with my own. It's not technically challenging or addicting the way Guitar Hero III is, but it definitely has its place! And yes, it does appear from that video box cover that it's rated for users three and older. I'm regressing. But I'm laughing the entire way there.


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