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Friday, February 01, 2008

Thank The Friggin' Sheep.

The Mermaid Socks are FINALLY DONE!

Noro Socks

I was looking at various needles for the next pair of socks, and after slogging on these darned socks for so long, on DOUBLE ZEROS, I am not kidding when I say #2 US needles felt like large sticks. These socks seriously warped my reality of sock knitting. It will be a while before I snatch up that other skein of Noro and make a different pair of socks. Hell, I think I only used half of the first skein. I will be putting these on tonight to test out how scratchy they actually are, and then I'll wash 'em and report back on bloomage. I'm counting on the yarn to bloom!

It's been a...challenging week. So when I went to World Market to get some King Cake mix, I became transfixed, caught in the tractor beam of this:

Emergency Rx

Yeah, it's chocolate. And you think you're looking at a normal-sized square of Ritter. Oh no.

Xtremely Large Ritter Sport

Look! A Nielsen Media ruler for scale. Five & a half inches square of milk chocolate. If I put it directly on the keyboard, and align the left side with the letter "A", it obscures all of the letters in that row, leaving only the colon peeking out (a phrase never to be taken out of context). That's nine keyboard letters of chocolate, friends. And even though I love all kinds of chocolate, milk is always my tried & true go-to. What was really crazy is that the signage said it was $2.29. I was sold. Of course, it actually cost $4.99, it wasn't placed by the correct price, but at that point, I really didn't care.

This size is good for at least 3 crises, maybe 4, depending on their size. I am prepared!!!!

Now, back to knitting & making a dent in the non-Noro sock yarn!

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