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Friday, January 18, 2008


So, I got up at 3:40 a.m. today. And spent the next three hours making calls to Dublin, waiting for final approvals, finalizing payments and getting wire transfer information. It was a huge accomplishment, made all the bigger by the time difference & the very short window we had to get it all done.

I'm pleased, I'm happy, I left work early & went straight to bed. I only got a bit of a nap in, but I feel halfway lucid now, and I'm sure be at all-the-way by tomorrow. I hope we get to do more work in the future for our client, and I also hope we'll get to do it a little bit more in advance. :) Not that I didn't have fun hearing "Brilliant!" at 4:15 this morning, but email is a beautiful thing, "working" overnight and bringing answers by morning. I told the client it was magic! And of course you know what he thought of that word. Brilliant!

In knitting news, I started Jeanie from the latest Knitty, and was perturbed by the printing of the pattern - it left off the entire chart - did I already blog about this? I think I did. Anyway, I'm so glad it's the weekend! I hope that all of you have great, relaxing times. I appreciated all the props and support and nice things you said over the avatar bullshit, the whole thing was petty & stupid, and it was apparent that the individual responsible for criticizing me wasn't expecting to be accountable for her words TO me. So that was kind of funny, and also felt like righting a wrong. I remember being in her shoes once - I was in 5th grade, and Mrs. Polkow had called a classmate to the board - the very classmate on whom we'd managed to tape 20+ silly notes to his back. I remember that near-hysteria laughter of seeing him walking up to the front of the room, tiny pieces of notebook paper wafting in the air as he moved.... we didn't say anything cruel, the goal was more to see how many pieces we could get on him. But Mrs. Polkow saw the papers, did a double-take and stopped him, removing all the notes. After class, I was in the girl's restroom, and said to another girl, "Mean Mrs. Polkow, I can't believe she took all those notes off Tom's back." And from the stall bellowed the words, "And you better not do it again, either!!!" I remembered the horror I felt, of being confronted - even indirectly - because I knew on the most basic level that what we'd done was wrong. Of course, that's all part & parcel of what kids do to each other - the list of humiliations I suffered at the hands of my classmates still makes my blood run cold. But the idea is that ultimately? We outgrow such behavior. And when we see it, or have it done to us, we step in and say something, virtually bellowing from the stall, because we're not in 5th grade any more - and we're better than that.
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