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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


What a day! First off, you guys are great, and thank you for leaving your ideas about the icons. Of course I didn't give you all the parameters, like the fact I can't include colors, but I loved the ideas!!! I'm still mulling & I'll let you know where I wind up. Part of me is deeply drawn to the crown that Alice in Wonderland wore. (So even though I said "no crown", I can't quite shake it!)

Today has been nutso. Everything was start-stop, so one email I was working on took me over an hour to complete, and then the servers were crashing so my email crashed & I had to re-create half the email, and can I just say I NEED A DRINK?

I got thrown a completely left-field project this afternoon and normally I'd be all "FOUL" and "WHA? THE F?" But oddly enough, I surprised even myself & just swung. And hopefully, it'll be a base hit. Who knows?! I think it was a concrete, defined puzzle, that - despite the fact it involves international pricing and trying to talk to sales people who are 6 hours ahead of me - was at its core, a puzzle. God I love me the puzzles. Kristin turned me on to Scramble, on Facebook? And I'm frickin' addicted to the one-minute Scrambles. As many words as you can find in 60 seconds, and it's crazy! And a new game starts 15 seconds after the last one ends - it's like tiny shots of adrenaline. Of course, I didn't need any of it today because life has produced its own natural source of panic!

Anyway, I've been doing formulas and converting Euros and being reminded of how much easier the metric system is - good lord, why don't we just switch? Because when it says "based on cm" and then measurements are given in mm - it's no big deal to convert! It's like a simpleton's puzzle! (Not that the users of the metric system are simpletons. I do not need -oh- the ENTIRE WORLD mad at me!) It's just so much more direct. And dare I say it, universal. I think the only problem I'd have if we switched would be the Fahrenheit/Celsius thing. I'd be convinced at all times someone was lying about the heat.

Anyhoo, I knew I was stressed today when all I could think about was how I needed to go home & battle Tom Morello on Guitar Hero. I could even hear the chords in my head.

I'm a nutjob. But I :embrace: it. Oh well. We all know what I'll want to wear if I get named Queen of the Nutjobs....

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