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Monday, March 31, 2008

Pimp My 'Maters

So, if you're in the KC area & you're thinking about growing tomatoes this year? Have I got a deal for you. Someone (JAMES) went a little - um - crazy this year, with the seeds and the greenhouse and the excitement and the tomato varieties. He put an ad on CraigsList, but I'm also pimping his 'mater seedlings here. Why? Because "we" have over a thousand tomato plants started. (Yes. One Thousand.) And the pepper onslaught has just begun. The small seedlings are in plastic cups, the bigger ones are in pots. You can put them outside during the day - but bring them in at night so they are protected. Here is his sales pitch, and if you want to buy any plants, just let me know! plazajen AT gmail (which is, of course, a DOT COM). If there's something coming up in the "lineup" that you want, shoot me an email or leave a comment & I can make sure you get what you want. As you can see, we're taking on the big-box stores already, first year out of the gate. :)

(The following is all JWo:)

I've got two hybrid varieties, Roma VF (great for sauces, salsa, and pico!) and Better Boy Hybrid VFN: Guinness record holder--342 pounds of fruit from one plant! Better Boy Hybrid (VFN) Tomato is deep red and meaty, up to a pound each. Dense foliage cover, too. Indeterminate. The Roma VF's were transplanted into 1 oz containers this week and I'll sell them for $1 each or 6 for $5. They are small, but are in Miracle Grow potting soil and with some TLC over the next month from you they will be big and healthy and ready to plant in late April or May. The Better Boys have been transplanted to 4 inch pots for about 3 weeks now and are 8-10 inches tall with thick stems and lots of leaves. They could go right in the garden now if you use wall-o-waters or make a cold frame for them. I’d like $2 each for these amazing little guys or 6 for $10.

Now for the heirlooms…I don’t know where to start! All seeds came from TomatoFest and are certified organic. There are detailed descriptions there as well as pics of the fruits.

I have a gazillion Brandywine and Brandywine Red seedlings in the 16 oz containers….$1 each or 6 for $5. I also have some Jumbo Roma and Russian Big Roma plants.

I also have some various seedlings that are still in the seed cells that I planted them in...they haven't been transplanted yet. I'll sell these for 50 cents a piece or 12 for $5

If you’re not ready to buy plants yet, hang on before you buy them from Lowe’s or Wal-Mart! Later on in April, I’ll have Julia Child, Bream’s Yellow Pear, Amana Orange, Super Snow White, Ace-55’s, Martino’s Roma, Florida Pink, Striped Cavern, Hawaiian Currant, and Chadwick Cherry as well as some great bell peppers, banana peppers, jalapenos, and habanero plants. Keep watching CL for when I’ve got those ready for sale.

(Now, back to me - isn't it always "Back to Me"?! All this tomato talk has my mouth a-watering for real, fresh, heirloom tomatoes. And at least half the reason he picks such a variety and grows them is because he knows how much I love love love them, and that? Is just one of many reasons why I love him!)
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Friday, March 28, 2008

Cellular Re-Education

I've had dreams about my father, probably once a week, for the past month or so. He's always alive, and it's as though nothing ever happened. Last night was another one, and it was a bizarre scenario - he was loading up an old station wagon to leave. The thing was packed full. He was also absconding with the neighbor's cat, because he felt it was our cat, since we cared for it, fed it, and it lived in our house. (This has no rooting in reality, but it made for some anxious moments in the dream, as the neighbor got really, really pissed.) I remember that he was planning to leave for ten years, and I went over to him, and leaned my head on his, and felt "our" connection, and I asked him if he'd consider coming back in a year, instead of ten.

I didn't get my answer, just the memory and sensation and feeling of the love and bond we always had together. Those moments in my dreams are so pure and true, that in the waking hours, their memory becomes another part of the melancholy, the bittersweet, the dichotomy between reality and desire. It's as if I still have cells within me that haven't been educated or informed that he's dead. They gather and weave a story so simple and touching and emotionally connected and it gives me such an enormous sense of peace in my dreams. The next day, that peace slowly becomes stained with the knowledge that it was, in fact, only a dream, and those cells must go through the education and acceptance process.

As hard as it is the next day, I love those fleeting moments of connection....


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random Orts!

1. There are some strange wires sticking out of the wall next to the entry door at work. Every time I walk by them, I wonder what would happen if one were to put them on one's tongue. What can I say. It's always interesting in here.

2. I found out a someone who used to be exceptionally mean to me is sick. One word flashed in front of my eyes, several other thoughts bubbled up behind my lips, and then I just went with, "That sucks." After all, what goes around comes around. Interestingly, the same word flashed in my husband's head, and he chose not to say it (until I told him it had happened to me.) I love how we're alike sometimes.

3. Speaking of reasons I love him, JWo sent me a link to a Craigslist ad, hawking "Antique crochet set - $20". His email subject said, "Maybe It's Not Just For Pussies Anymore", referencing a time when I'd been a bit belligerent about the hooking craft, as it compared to knitting. Despite my previous entry, I don't always know when to zip my lip, and if I think it could be funny, I usually err on the side of sharing. Oh, and the items for sale? CROQUET mallets and balls.

4. I've learned a bit of tolerance these past years. And quite a few other things, too. But I was really delighted most to get an email yesterday telling me I'd shown up in a reader's dream, interrupting a sexual encounter by my presence. With my enormous spoonbill around my neck. Dancing. And laughing! Hey, it could happen.

5. Tripper does not like cowboys. We watched No Country For Old Men the other night - and he was watching it, too, which totally cracks me up. Like he's going to whip out a little notebook and start critiquing the film or something. Anyway, when Josh Brolin appeared on-screen, he lost his shit. Deep rumbling growling, a modicum of barking, he was PISSED. Maybe it wasn't the cowboy role; it could be that he just isn't a fan of bad mustaches. Anyway, one helluva movie. High anxiety. Excellent. Made more remarkable by the absence of music - you don't realize how much music leads or gives away in a film, until it's not there.

6. I need to get a proper battery for my itty-bitty booklight, as I am tired of being Harriet the Spy each night, clutching a small flashlight under my chin to read.

7. I got the perfect yarn for my ISE6 pal, and then after I heard from my spoilee, I decided I needed to exchange it for even BETTER yarn. So now I just need to wind it and get knitting!

8. I do not understand "Milky Way Caramels" - there is no Milky Way inside, just caramel. Now, I'm not complaining? I love caramels? But talk about a brand association and not having it anywhere inside the actual product! (In my two days off last week, the candy supplies plummeted, so I picked a large quantity of post-Easter chocolate to keep the visitors happy.)

That's it for today! Hump-de-Hump and all, and spring fever, and crazy fun connections being made all over the place. But none involving random wiring and my tongue. For now.


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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So, I've Been Thinking.

I've been thinking about those 100-things-memememememe thingies, and how I've never done one but what I might say if I did, and that led to me thinking about the Ways In Which I Am Different From Most, and while I know we all have a shared existence and our humanity knits us together, the fact that as a child, I picked out a retro toilet seat for our outhouse still pops up as one of those "Hey-O" yodeling-old-lady-waving-at-the-waitstaff sorta facts that makes me feel a little bit different, a little over on the fringe of the universe. Not that it's bad or wrong, of course. You, readers, you get "it". "It" being "me". You know things around here aren't always uniform, or even partially dressed. And yet, you still return. That's nice! I do try to be a good hostess, and one of the things I was instructed upon, early-on in life, was to never run out of food at a party. To me, it is the Cardinal Sin of Entertaining.

The other thing I was taught, at some point in my teens, was How To Avoid A Masher. That was exactly how my mom put it. And that I needed to learn it. NOW. We were visiting family friends, and I stood there with an utterly confused look on my face. I said, "What's a 'Masher'?" and our friend's husband said, "THIS!" and he grabbed me in a bear hug, bent me over backwards, and pretended to kiss me.

I almost peed my pants in terror. Mashers! Who knew! Where did they lurk? How surprised would they be if they dropped me? (How surprised would I be?) By the time I was back on my feet, blinking at everyone laughing, I realized that most Mashers would ultimately fall into the category of "People You Know." So it was in that small kitchen, I learned how to deftly and swiftly turn my cheek as pursed lips approached me, to kiss the air by the Masher's ear, and pull back, exclaiming in delight while fiercely creating distance between my face and the Masher's. Funny, the life lessons that stick with you. Admonishments to save money? Nah! But how to avoid sneak kissing attacks? Check! And, oddly enough, I recall that on that trip, I purchased an army green overall outfit, and a tan mesh cloth belt thingamajig, plus numerous pairs of delicious plastic earrings. It was, indeed, the 80's. Mashers and Madonna and Michael Jackson.

I also have thought about the Dichotomy of Me. For instance, I am unorganized, I have plenty of clutter, but god help everyone if one particular thing is "off". We were sitting in James' grandparents' living room this past weekend, and they have furniture and items that span the decades. In particular, a very large lamp, with an equally enormous lampshade, sits by one of the couches. James was seated by it, and I picked the recliner on the other side of the lamp. I noticed the lampshade was all akimbo, the bottom of it at a wonky angle to the horizontal plane of the end table. Immediately, I adjusted it back to level. We continued to watch this really cool show comparing Man to Apes, and I turned to say something to James, and noticed the shade was, once again, at a completely strange angle. Almost unconsciously, yet compulsively, I readjusted it and kept talking to him. A small gnome (one assigned to the OCD Task Force) in the back of my brain scribbled on a post-it: "Something wrong with lamp. Shade keeps tilting. May need further investigation."

A few minutes later, I turn back to talk to him and - yep - the lampshade was once again jacked up. Now I'm a bit exasperated, and as I frown and return the shade to parallel the floor, I start to mutter and curse, something about what the fuck is wrong with this lamp, I keep moving the shade and yet it keeps going back and, and my husband is looking at me and then bursts into laughter. Because, yes, of course. HE is tilting the lampshade every time I turn around. Because he knows I am obsessed, and will not let it go. Had he kept a straight face, it may have taken one more adjustment before I clued in to the fact he was messing with me. I gave him that - it was damn funny. (But I still fixed the shade, and it got left alone after that. Phew!)

So, even though I'm not ready for one of those big long lists of how we're all alike and how I'm different, these are the ones floating at the top today....


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Sunday, March 23, 2008


So, the collective reaction to the giant fish can be summed up rather easily into "Holy shit" or a variation thereof. I got numerous emails and text messages & comments, and Spyder, your comment about using one of the dogs for bait garnered a huge guffaw from me! (I was quite pleased to be able to access email and the internet (marginally) via my phone while we were down there - just enough to keep in touch, but my inability to and dislike of texting kept me in check.)

Yep, that's the biggest fish I have ever caught! We went snagging on Friday, and were out in overcast, blustery cold weather that turned to sunshine, and we were on the water for about three hours. (I am sporting a fantastic, oddly-shaped sunburn on the lower half of my face, the part that wasn't shaded by sunglasses or a hat. Sessy!) About two hours in, my hook grabbed that fish, and the reeling was on. Grampa pointed out I need to "PUMP AND REEL" or I was going to burn out the reel in no time. Yeah, yeah, right, I forgot in the excitement. It also makes it a LOT easier to wrangle a fish to the boat.

I didn't feel the need to do any more fishing (ala George Costanza - quit while you're ahead!) and the rest of the weekend was spent snoozing, hanging out, knitting, chatting, playing cards & laughing. And eating delicious fish! Now we're back home to reality, laundry, and responsibilities. The dogs had a grand time as well, and it was Tripper's first lake trip and he has some learning to do..... doofus doesn't keep his mouth shut enough while he's swimming with a dummy, so we were treated to much ralfing of water when he'd get back to shore. Good lord! My favorite moment was when he brought James a dead fish instead of a dummy. (I believe I even have a picture, which I'll offload at some point.) Guess he just was getting into the spirit of the weekend!

Happy Easter.....yay for half-price chocolate tomorrow!
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Friday, March 21, 2008

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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Fishing Clarification

Yes, those fish are for eatin'. They are huge. They're called spoonbill, or paddlefish, and they're only in five major U.S. rivers, the biggest being Missouri & Mississippi (the others are tributaries to these two) - we fish the Mighty MO (which goes into/through the Lake of the Ozarks). The only other place in the world to catch them is the Yangtze river in China. They look prehistoric, and the only way you catch them is by snagging. It's a fair amount of work, you have to find them, and basically catch one on a hook by running your line into it. And they fight. And they're good eatin'. So good. OMG. I can't WAIT to get down to the lake to have some!

And if I do? I now have all sorts of bells & whistles on my phone, and you bet your ass I'll be mobile blogging my moment!
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This Ain't Fishin' on the Wii.....

My phone chirped at me, and the message was a photo from James - showing a limit of crappie. For whatever reason, the photo is teeny tiny, but I still got the point:

Then, not much later? I get this picture.

Big Spoonie

OK, good lord. The fishing? It is good. Less than thirty minutes later, I get another jingle from my phone:

Second Spoonbill

Now I'm just worried they're gonna catch them all before I get there this weekend! Sheesh!
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Can't Believe I Never Blogged This.

I swear, I blogged about this a while back. But I've searched my archives (even using an external search tool), and nothing shows up. (If you remember reading it, tell me! I'd hate to turn this into the Alzheimer Files.) So, here goes, another 8-Track Flashback!

Back in the day - 1976 - when the family moved onto the farm, and we built our dome home, my dad was extremely eco-friendly. We were getting Back to Nature. We had running water, and electricity, and a two-party-line phone (of course I listened in, once, and got totally busted by my mother). That phone, as I recall, could kill a fellow. Back then, phones were made of lead, or something equally weighty, and our phone was mounted on the wall, complete with the 20-foot tangled cord and the finger-button dialers, that whirred and clicked as you rotated it over to the stopping mechanism and it returned to its original position. Anyway, where I was going with this is that we were pretty rustic. In that we had no indoor toilet. We had an outhouse. Allow me to educate you a bit in the construction of outhouses, as I assume most of you were raised with flushing toilets. Outhouses are best when they're a bit of a distance from the house. Ours had a path that led to it, lined with wood (slippery as shit when wet), and no rail - so if you slipped to the right on your voyage out, you could ostensibly end up 30 feet down in a ravine. Things you consider in the dark of night, in the winter. You truly become skilled at determining how badly you actually have to go.

Anyway, as a kid, I went everywhere with my dad. I remember long, boring trips to the hardware store, where I would gaze around and stare at all the uninteresting things, waiting, waiting, waiting. I was too young to be left to my own devices in the VW bus, or in the store, really, so I trailed along behind him, and I didn't interrupt or ask many questions, because he was always really focused on the job at hand. So all of these trips are one giant blur of DULL in my memory, except for one.

We turned down the aisle that held all of the bathroom accoutrements, stopping in front of an expansive display of toilet seats. My father looked down at me, and said, "You pick it out." I was transfixed. And a little disbelieving. I looked up at him, my face clearly saying, "Really?" He nodded. "You pick out our toilet seat!" Finally, a decision, an option, a choice, and not just any choice, but one that we would live with for the foreseeable future. Keep in mind, I was 8? So my taste was not yet formed into the refined, persnickety influence that tries to govern me today.

I gazed up at the three rows of seats. Mostly white, some wooden, nothing really stood out until my eyes landed upon It. I pointed at The One. It was fabulous. Absolutely tremendous. And exactly what you'd get if you asked an eight-year-old to design your outhouse. I remember he looked at me sideways, the way he did when he was still figuring out what to say, what to do. "Really?" he said. "Yes!" I exclaimed. Transfixed. Hypnotized. By what was the most fabulous toilet seat in the entire line-up.

It was completely drenched in Cherry Red paint.

On the lid, in black, there was a tree in the lower right. With a branch extending out, and a hole in the tree, with two yellow eyes looking out. Foreshadowing! Simply a portent of things to come. Because, then, you lifted the lid, and you were greeted by an enormous 1970's owl, in thick black lines, covering the entire inside of the lid, WINKING AT YOU.

He looked at me, and saw my excitement. My abject love of the bright red toilet seat with the communicative owl. "OK," he said. We bought it and took it home.

I think my mother was a little taken aback, and I remember overhearing something to the effect of "What? This? Really?" (Yes, I got a lot of my style tutelage at her hands, and for all her faults, I'll give her that - she has got style, and she probably realized that day she needed to Start Earlier.) I puffed out a little when I heard my father say, "I told Jennifer she could pick it out." Why yes he did. Jennifer did pick it. Picked out a WINNER. And out to the outhouse it went. Many a cold night, I visited my owl buddy. I remember when a grade-school boyfriend gave me a gold ring, with a tree on it, and then a few days later, asked for it back. I lied, and told him I'd lost it, angered that he no longer wanted to be my boyfriend. I looked at that owl as I tossed the ring through the hole that night. Winking, knowingly. Agreeing that he was a schmuck.

We eventually tore down the dome home, and put in toilets and marble floors and vaulted ceilings and the house became something of a palace, a far cry from its dome home footings, poured over the original concrete. The outhouse, too, was torn down, the path fell away, and the people who bought the farm, who own this chunk of my past, have no idea of the comedy and drama, the style (and lack thereof) that was rooted and grown, interwoven and cemented, in my mind, in my life, in my memories. In addition to the toilet seat itself, my most cherished part of that memory is that my father told my mother we were keeping it. Because I had chosen it. It's why I weep every time I watch Little Miss Sunshine. We all have a little Olive in us, and we all want to be loved for exactly who we are. Questionable taste and all.

P.S. I've looked everywhere for a photo of this toilet seat. I saw one on eBay a while back (wrong color, but same visual), and had no luck today finding it. As they say, they just don't make 'em like they used to....


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Friday, March 14, 2008

A New Measurement Tool

As we were discussing some costs and pricing ideas for a client, talk of how much a television spot would cost to produce came up. (Making television spots is really one of those huge gradations between "really awful Hi-8 filmstrip with badly dressed business owner starring in ad" to "CGI technicolor rainbows and extremely expensive actor as spokesperson". Basically, you can range between $5,000 and half a million dollars, and in most situations, you get what you pay for. (Though, admittedly, there have been numerous, really-expensive ads that completely missed their mark.)

Anyway, someone said, well, start with $100,000? And we're trying to determine how the costs relate to our media budgets, because it doesn't do a lot of good to spend $100k on a tv spot you can't afford to air, and so this conversation was sort of going around and around and at first, I thought the 100 grand was kind of high, until I was struck by a thought (and of course, I said it out loud), "I mean, $100 grand? That's not that bad, when you consider you can spend $80 grand on HOOKERS."

Not that we'll use that logic if the client asks, but I'm still agog at spending the monetary equivalent of a nice SUV, a good boat, a nice chunk in savings and an all-inclusive vacation for two on hos. Or just one ho and a madam, who you KNOW is getting a really kick-ass cut of that money. You get my drift. Many a television spot has been made for less.

Still shaking my head....but I DID love the interview on NPR with an Albany madam, who was pissed he, the governor who advocated keeping dollars in-state, took his business to D.C..... (you have to click on "listen" to hear it, it's not in the article - and it's about 3 mins in.)
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Thursday, March 13, 2008


The light pools in wobbly squares in the back yard, as my eyes strain into the darkness, waiting for a shape to appear. The contrast between the streaming light from the breakfast nook and the darkness of the night play tricks on my eyes, as I peer for Suzy, our black lab, to mosey in from a corner of the yard. While I wait, I feel the cold night air on my skin and inside my lungs. I scan back and forth, but find myself mostly watching the patches of light, because that is where I will know I've seen her, not tricked by a branch dancing in the wind beyond my scope of vision.

I'm struck by how the darkness blurs the edges of what is illuminated. Even when we think we see something, we believe it to be so - it can be something else completely. It's easier to decide - right or wrong - than to live in the blurry, undefined edges.

I had my one-year exam today for my Lasik-ed eyes; my vision is perfect, and it's been 20 years since anyone's said that. I have some challenges adjusting between close-up and distance, but that's just part and parcel with being almost 40. Some things are clearer, others are not, and having excellent vision is only part of that equation.
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No Likey The Time Change

Don't get me wrong - I do love getting home in daylight, without the sun sinking into the west and shadows creeping in along the edges. I am just not enthralled with the whole "getting up" part that bookends the beginning of the day. And yesterday, I discovered we'd forgotten to adjust the clock on the thermostat, so no wonder it was freezing chilly cold when I got up! (And it's why I promptly went back to bed under warm covers.)

I have kitchen duty this week at work (which I only remembered today, so some kind soul did my work yesterday & this morning. The guilt!) and I follow the most fastidious man on the planet. I'm shocked he doesn't clean the kitchen with a toothbrush. He actually dries all the bottoms of the coffee mugs as he moves them from the dishwasher to the cupboard. Dude takes his job seriously. At least the kitchen is spotless before I start my tour of duty....

And, in completely unrelated news (this is practically a Random Orts post but I'm not inclined to edit it...), the Wo and I got new phones when we renewed our contract with T-Mobile. The customer service person I talked to the other day almost got down on their knees and bowed through the phone, because we've been with them since 2000, and that's like, 50 years in phone years. We both got slider phones - mine's a RIZR and his is a Samsung somethin' or other, and now we both have the internets on our phones, and we're like a geriatric duo, figuring out how to browse while Mo-BILE. (not while driving, but just ON the mo-bile.) I'm struggling because Yahoo keeps coming up in GIANT FONTS! BIG LETTERS! Like it not only thinks I'm old, but I'm blind. No like. Don't care for the tiny keys and I'm not going to convert to texting anytime soon (We didn't get that package.) But it was fun to check my email while waiting for my lunch date to show up!

So much else going on - some bloggable, some not, one of my projects is hatching, and I'll show you sooooon. Promise!

P.S. I discovered today that the whole process of consuming Pez is much more straightforward if you rip open the entire paper container and eat them straight away, instead of installing them into the little plastic dispenser. I'm all about cutting out the plastic middleman and unnecessary steps.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

You Vett Your Life.....

I read an E Weekly review of a memoir over the weekend, and I have to say, I had the same reaction (I've since discovered) many other people did - "Huh? Really?" I think in the wake of so many frauds (or accusations of fraud)in the literary world combined with my fervent devotion to The Wire, I found myself a little bit skeptical, especially the part about her birthday party where she got a cake and 9mm. It just seemed too - Hollywood. Unauthentic. A little too perfect. I thought of James Frey, and wondered if someone would discover this author, as he had done, had embellished and overstated the facts. In fact, the author went to a private school in the Valley, and the publisher has withdrawn the book. Do people not realize the truth will out? You can't pretend to be a foster child from the ghetto, no matter how much you may believe it in your mind, when you're not.

The reason I'm pulling the comparison to the The Wire is because of the newspaper storyline and the reporter making up quotes, starting a snowball that only grew and grew under the weight of that original, small, golf-ball sized lie. The entire final season of The Wire ended last night, and I watched it, enthralled and hooked, just as I was every season. Only a little sadder, since this was the final episode, the end of it all. The complexity and layers of writing and character development made this one of the greatest shows on television, and while it took some time to get into - several episodes before things felt like they were cohesive - it was a gem in the rubble of our usual entertainment, where all storylines are neatly ordered, the music rises and falls as we expect it to, endings are tidy, and usually, the good guys win. Not so with this show. But oh so brilliant. I can't wait to watch it all over again, from the very beginning, like a good book, where you catch more of the nuances and see more depth as you read it again. But,(spoiler alert!) there is something to be said for the deliciousness of a first moment that can't be recreated ever again - when McNulty called bullshit on the reporter, even though it never came back around with consequences for the offender - the moment was there and the fraud was seen for what it was. Absolutely priceless. What was really head-shaking was in the last montage scene, where the guilty reporter helps catapult the paper to award-winning status, and the diligent, hard-working reporter (who didn't make anything up) gets shunted to the suburban rag. Ain't that the way it goes.....
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Friday, March 07, 2008


There have been lots of changes in my world - nothing earth-shattering, but enough to make a noticeable difference, both personally & at work. Our company changed their name, we all got new business cards, and from what I understand, there's going to be a lot of painting going on in the near future. Yay for fumes!

Outside of work, I've been bizzy bizzy bizzy. It looks to continue for the foreseeable future, too - I taught a sock class at The Studio (Hi Carrie!) and there are lots more classes this month, plus overseeing the sock club for March & April. I must say I had a hold-my-breath moment when I arrived for the first class & Carrie said, "I read your blog!" There's always that fraction of a second when I mentally see my blog flash before my eyes and I wonder, OH god, have I offended anyone lately? Actually, I usually accomplish that in person quite well without a monitor or time to edit.

I also busted in on the UFO crew at MisKnits this week, and of course I can only remember about three people's names. Notably, Carmen was NOT there, furthering my belief that we have a time-space continuum between us. I am still laughing at Laura's comment on my watermelons.......she was referring to the colors in my socks, but of COURSE I took it in a completely adolescent direction.

Oh, and we had a rep lunch on Wednesday, and four girls put away a TON of sushi. Not a literal ton? But a whole damn lot. I took photos, just to torture James. I'm thoughtful that way. One of the platters didn't turn out, apparently I can't turn my camera off too quickly after taking a picture, or else the photo comes up as "damaged".

Mmm Sushi!

We ate all but TWO pieces. I think our waiter was impressed.

Speaking of Wednesday, that was Tripper's Snip Day. (Some Day of Beauty! It definitely was an extra-high Brazilian!) I got up early & shuttled him down to the vet - James went and got him, and we are happy to report that not only does he not even seem to notice his balls are gone? He was jumping and being his usual goofy-ass self within 24 hours of the surgery. (I do not understand how you're supposed to keep a labrador from running, jumping or basically doing any of their normal activities for seven days post-surgery. We'd have to put him in a full-body cast.) Tripper appreciates your good thoughts & wishes for him!

In random, and not-particularly-interesting news, my lost earring was found & on my desk when I came into work this morning. It really is the small things that can make your day! We were driving out to a new business pitch yesterday & out of habit, I felt my earlobe - to discover one of my earrings was missing. Since I'd been out at a client meeting that morning, and all over the agency throughout the day, I wasn't overly optimistic I'd find it. Seeing it on my desk made my morning! (Oh, and I did take out the other earring, just to prevent that "I'm A Pirate!" look for the pitch!)

If ever there was a Friday that warranted a "TGIF", this is it. Enjoy your weekends, and I hope my new normal resumes soon!
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Monday, March 03, 2008

Tripper Has No Clue....

....But this week, his balls are coming off.

We've planned to neuter Tripper since we decided we were his forever home, and just haven't gotten around to doing it. It seemed to drop on the to-do list once he stopped attempting to hump Polly or Suzy, and it's just sort of been "out there" on my radar of things I need to get to.

And then Saturday happened. James was running an errand, and I was bustling around the house, engaged in one of those never-ending unfolding projects where you start with cleaning off and organizing one small section and then that leads to X....and Y....and the small section still isn't done so you circle around and then you see, oh, hey, the counter is still cluttered with the 12 cans of sliced beets James bought for you to pickle, and so you start mentally calculating that project into your day, and you go back to the bedroom to ....wha? There's something wet on the floor. But not much. It seems to be right by the Pillow of Power, and that seems to be a little wet, but again, we've had accidents in the house and this looked like a little slosh, not an outright - ooooooooh fuck, as my eyes went UPWARD on the side of the bed and saw a large circle of wetness on my comforter hanging off the end of the bed. There's only two mammals in the house who can aim their pee, and one of them wasn't home. That left only one culprit, and I cursed his furry ball sacs as I stomped down to the washing machine.

And that is how Tripper's Balls moved to the top of my to-do list. The appointment has been made.


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