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Monday, July 07, 2008

Well, That Wasn't So Bad...

I turned 40, and nothing fell off, broke, or careened off-kilter.

In the spirit of moving forward, I'm going to start blogging over on my website. It's not done, it's not even close, but hey - we're all friends, and why wait for something to be "done" before having friends over, huh? So, if you would be so kind, grab a paper cup of the box wine perched over on that pile, and redirect your browser, bloglines, blog reader, bookmark, and links to here:

Ta-Da! We'll be eating cold pizza and potato chips for a while, as I have a jammed-full couple of weeks, but eventually, some of the other pages under the umbrella will actually have some substance and order. Until then, (glug, glug, glug) have some more of that tasty wine, won't you?


posted by PlazaJen, 10:33 PM