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Friday, March 07, 2008


There have been lots of changes in my world - nothing earth-shattering, but enough to make a noticeable difference, both personally & at work. Our company changed their name, we all got new business cards, and from what I understand, there's going to be a lot of painting going on in the near future. Yay for fumes!

Outside of work, I've been bizzy bizzy bizzy. It looks to continue for the foreseeable future, too - I taught a sock class at The Studio (Hi Carrie!) and there are lots more classes this month, plus overseeing the sock club for March & April. I must say I had a hold-my-breath moment when I arrived for the first class & Carrie said, "I read your blog!" There's always that fraction of a second when I mentally see my blog flash before my eyes and I wonder, OH god, have I offended anyone lately? Actually, I usually accomplish that in person quite well without a monitor or time to edit.

I also busted in on the UFO crew at MisKnits this week, and of course I can only remember about three people's names. Notably, Carmen was NOT there, furthering my belief that we have a time-space continuum between us. I am still laughing at Laura's comment on my watermelons.......she was referring to the colors in my socks, but of COURSE I took it in a completely adolescent direction.

Oh, and we had a rep lunch on Wednesday, and four girls put away a TON of sushi. Not a literal ton? But a whole damn lot. I took photos, just to torture James. I'm thoughtful that way. One of the platters didn't turn out, apparently I can't turn my camera off too quickly after taking a picture, or else the photo comes up as "damaged".

Mmm Sushi!

We ate all but TWO pieces. I think our waiter was impressed.

Speaking of Wednesday, that was Tripper's Snip Day. (Some Day of Beauty! It definitely was an extra-high Brazilian!) I got up early & shuttled him down to the vet - James went and got him, and we are happy to report that not only does he not even seem to notice his balls are gone? He was jumping and being his usual goofy-ass self within 24 hours of the surgery. (I do not understand how you're supposed to keep a labrador from running, jumping or basically doing any of their normal activities for seven days post-surgery. We'd have to put him in a full-body cast.) Tripper appreciates your good thoughts & wishes for him!

In random, and not-particularly-interesting news, my lost earring was found & on my desk when I came into work this morning. It really is the small things that can make your day! We were driving out to a new business pitch yesterday & out of habit, I felt my earlobe - to discover one of my earrings was missing. Since I'd been out at a client meeting that morning, and all over the agency throughout the day, I wasn't overly optimistic I'd find it. Seeing it on my desk made my morning! (Oh, and I did take out the other earring, just to prevent that "I'm A Pirate!" look for the pitch!)

If ever there was a Friday that warranted a "TGIF", this is it. Enjoy your weekends, and I hope my new normal resumes soon!
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