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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eyeballs, Boiled then Baked

That's what it feels like, anyway. I've been staring at excel spreadsheets of email addresses and cross-referencing things so we can send out our new name announcement, and my eyes feel like they've been going through chef prep for some fabulous dish that eventually sees them bathed in butter and served with a side of baby asparagii. In other words, I got the tired eyes right now.

But despite that, I'm still getting things done. The day has zipped on by, and between lunch & cocktails after work, I feel like I'm reconnecting with the world again. I got together today with someone I hadn't seen in years, things between us had been strained by a number of things, and we'd just let them drift. A chance encounter reconnected us, and after numerous voice mails to get together, we spent a lot of time catching up and remembering - some things we didn't want to, other things that made us laugh. One of her friends that I'd known had drifted away from her, and we marveled at how that girl had planned out her life so much. I like to plan my days and my weeks? But I don't plan my life. This girl was a gold-digger, and she married herself a doctor and had herself a baby, and it was all "according to plan". A timetable. A checklist. I observed that living life that way felt to me like a recipe for disappointment and frustration. Maybe I just don't have the drive to script it all. But I really think of all the things I'd miss. Because to be that driven and focused to machinate life events, force them to unfold, meet deadlines and acres of criteria and maybe that's what you do, to acquire the things on that list, but what about all the things you miss? The opportunities that you turn away from, because they don't fit The Plan?

My plan -which I reserve the right to adjust or change - includes something really attainable, like, oh, a margarita. And refreshed eyeballs. Which have been refreshed on so many levels, I wish I could articulate it all! (or would that be OCulate? Har har har.)
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