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Friday, February 08, 2008

You Know What Today Is, Right????

Well, OF COURSE it's Friday.

It's the first Friday of Lent! And most of you know the Wo and I do not adhere to a specific faith, except any disciplines that are directly ordered from the Lamar Donut Church of Goodness. But a lack of religious organization in our lives does not prevent us from availing ourselves of any good celebrations. Or food. Thus, tonight begins our 2nd Annual stream of Friday Fish Fry Forays! I'm going to focus on reporting back more on the food and ambiance, vs. my own wide-eyed agog-ness that accompanied me to most of last year's adventures. (We are working on getting tickets to that Cure' of Ars shrimp boil in advance this year, but we are unsure how to get them short of going to mass, and that feels a I would totally get busted for not knowing the routine.) TGIF, and when I write that, I really mean it. Swear on a stack of Lamar's.

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