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Friday, March 09, 2007

Fish Fridays

Two weeks ago, the Wo and I were struggling to come up with dinner plans that sounded agreeable to both of us. Then, like a message from above, a KFC Fish Snacker commercial came on....and he looked at me and said, "Wanna go to a fish fry?"
My eyes widened, partly in fear, mostly in excitement. Having been raised without any organized religion, these Friday night Fish Fries always seemed off-limits to me. Off we went. And it's become our new Friday night thing! So I'm going to write up our experiences and reviews. I'll also say that nobody's peppered me with any questions (my biggest fear - "HI! Do you go to church here?") and we've had a grand time.

Friday February 23, 2007 - St. Thomas', 118th & Holmes. Fundraiser for the Boy Scouts.
Cost: $8/person, all you can eat.
The fare included baked fish & fried. The fried fish was far superior to the baked, though had we added lemon to the baked, it might have been tastier. You also can choose from beans, corn, rolls, french fries, coleslaw & boiled buttered potatoes. For those watching their sodium, everything seemed to be prepared with an absence of salt, which I suppose is always the best way to go - add your own until it suits your taste! (This coming from the boullion cube queen.) There was also cheese pizza, more for the kids I guess.

Pretty tame. There were a few kids running around, and the noise was what you'd expect from 60 people dining and sitting together. It wasn't difficult to find a seat. We sat with an adorable older couple who only needed a couple of pointy red hats to become garden gnomes. They were silent, and so were we.

A fundraiser for the local Girl Scouts troop. This was certainly the highlight of the night, as I went up to buy us a couple plates of...something. One older girl saw me coming and immediately stood up and greeted me. She was very formal and pulling out all her adult-like behavior. I inquired about what was popular, and she steered me to the pumpkin pie, saying it was "quite good tonight." Then I was asked by another scout, if perhaps I wanted whipped cream on it. I looked at her, grinning up at me with braces and clutching the can of Reddi-Whip with barely-contained enthusiasm. "Of course!" She grinned even wider and asked, "A little? ...Or a LOT?" Oh, certainly a lot. This was the moment they were waiting for. After dispensing the whipped cream onto our piece of pie, the girl seated next to her immediately got the can away from her. Turns out, they were taking turns, and I knew that I'd made a good choice picking pie. We got a brownie as well & took that home - all-in-all, the best $2 worth of entertainment I've had in a long time.

End Rating: 3.5 stars (out of 5) We'd go back.

Stay tuned! Next review: Friday March 2, 2007 - Church of the Nativity, 119th & Mission.

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