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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Glove Love, Baby

So, last week, I was sick sick sick still, waiting for my horse-pill sized antibiotics to start scrubbing the badness out of my lungs, and I even stayed home from Knit Night, in hopes of speeding my recovery along. While I was home on Thursday night, I started a pair of gloves - something I'd always thought about making but hadn't gotten around to actually doing! I've made fingerless gloves, which were fine and all, but not really GLOVES. And boy, they're fun. Just like with sock knitting, I knit the wrist & palms at the same time (on two circs), and then went to individual knitting when it was time to do the fingers & thumbs. I finished them on Saturday! Here's a photo:

Koigu gloves

I knit them out of Koigu Kersti, a merino crepe wool, absolutely lurvely, purchased at the Studio a while back, and just perfect for gloves. I didn't use all of the yarn from each skein, and was glad I still had some leftover when I decided one thumb was too short & I ripped it out and re-knit it. I adapted the pattern found on Knitty - which left two fingers open for smokin' a cigar, and of course, I wanted full-finger-coverage, so I basically just kept on going and followed the directions for the fingers that were knit in full, not the knuckle-only-bind-off part. (This may read quite confusing-ly. Sorry.) I knit the gloves on size 2 circs, and used 1.5 DPNs for the fingers. (Cause I'm a loose knitter.) They were great for the snow & cold wind - aaaaand now it's 60-degrees. But I have fabulous, custom-fit gloves that, when I put the first one on, I marveled and said without thinking, "Why look at that! They fit like ..... a glove." (Groan!)


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