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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Like a Fine Stilton.....Crumbling at the Edges....

My brain is feeling a little fried right now. Actually, crumbly. I can't quite keep straight what day it is, and I could have fallen asleep during the last rep meeting I had. I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow for all the fun annual stuff (and I say "fun" in the same way I'd describe having your shoulder dislocated as "fun".) But I'm also going back because even though I'm better? I'm not better, and I'm still coughing at night. So so tired of that. All these teenagers, with their three weeks of hiccuping or two weeks of sneezing, let's talk about SIX weeks of the most irritating cough, and no, I don't smoke. But who gets the press coverage? Who's got a unique, wacky situation? The blasted teens.

So I'm really excited about the presentation I'm about to go into - because Kristin somehow thinks I might lose my mind and try to fight someone. I think there are better (and more likely) candidates for that job around these parts, including one person who just informed me that the smell of patchouli makes her "crazy". Makes her "wanna fight". I said it was like her own special catnip. (The aforementioned rep was wearing some scent that smelled like a combination of Lysol and Patchouli. Lychouli?) And Kristin? Let's talk about how both times we've gone to Half Price Books at lunch, she's had her Special Friend parked in the crafts section, talkety-talk-talk-talkin' and what are the odds of that? I don't have a Special Friend at the Half Price Books. And, I don't think I'm going to get into a fight today, mainly because I like to stay employed, but also because I seem to have been shot by a tiny blowdart filled with tranquilizers and psychedelic mushrooms, and I get to spend the afternoon swimming through the corn syrup of my mind. Or cheese. Whatever metaphor I'm going with at the moment.

OH but I will say, if I ruled the world, we would know who Dannielynn's daddy was, there'd be no more of this court bullcrap, Anna Nicole would be buried by now, and we would all just ignore Britney, including the paparazzi, until her hair is once again shoulder-length. Naturally. My apologies to my friend Cindy who has given up celebrity gossip for Lent. Must lie down. Now. THAT'S gonna look 100% classy when they roll through on the tour.......


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