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Monday, February 26, 2007

Clearly A Fraud

So, last Thursday I had my one-month follow-up eye exam to the Lasik Experience, and because my appointment was at 9:45, I found myself with a little time before I had to be at the doctor's office. Since the carwash line was OOC (at 9:15! What do all these people do? There was a police officer directing traffic! 9:15! On a Thursday!), I decided to go to the grocery store. I needed to get a few ingredients to pump up the guacamole I was taking to Kristin's, and then something random for the agency potluck lunch on Friday. It was a fast trip, and I headed for the discover that they've replaced several lanes with Self-Checkout and I admit it, I hate those things. Especially if I have more than five items. There's too much hecticness & rushing involved, plus, I'd rather have some interaction with a human being, because there's so much more opportunity to get the Blog Fodder..... And I've been going to this Price Chopper for several years, and they seem to retain a lot of their workers - I spotted the nicest bagger in the universe (Clarence) and headed for his lane. I found myself behind a woman who was wearing her matchy-matchy track suit, a lot of makeup, and she was going for the Casual Housewife from Leawood look. (Leawood being a nice affluent community just over the hill.) Except instead of an iPod, she had one of those big radio stereo earphones on. All of this wasn't notable, except I had plenty of time to notice her once it came time for the cashier to ring up her coupons! Because every other one went "BAAAAAARRRRRRNNNNNNNNTTTT" and was rejected by the computer. And she kept pretending to be Just Now Noticing! and was very dismissive, kept saying, "Can't you just give it to me?" "They usually just give it to me." He asked her if she'd bought two of the item on the coupon. "Two? No. I bought just one. Can't you just give it to me anyway?" Same thing with another. Did you buy five? "Well..... I'm sure I bought at least four. Can't you just give me the coupon? They always give it to me." This continued, involving a manager (twice) and I watched, somewhat agog, that this poser was committing COUPON FRAUD! Right in front of everyone! She even tried to catch my eye, as if to enlist support against the Ridiculousness! she was enduring. Oh mah god. I told the cashier he handled it well, for what it was worth. Since I had NO coupons, my transaction went quite quickly, and I was able to see what car she was driving - I expected a Suzuki Samarai, for some reason - nope, a PT Cruiser. I decided instead of "Lovely in Leawood", she was more "Roughshod in Raytown".

But, the really good news of the day? I have 20/20 vision, both near & far. (Who else immediately thinks of Grover when you hear "Near and Far" together?) And I even read some of the 20/15 letters. It's like magic. Really, really expensive magic. Even with a coupon.


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