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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Life Lesson #742

Truly, and we've heard it for years, decades even, it's not a good idea to grocery shop when you're hungry. I knew this, and still - went anyway. I needed to pick up buns (we were having brats for dinner), a vegetable, and fries.

When I got to the store, I'd already sat in a huge line at the CVS drive-thru, staring at the Volvo-driving woman who'd cut me off two miles earlier & lo & behold, here she'd reappeared to sit in front of me at the drive through, life's little ironies, and she didn't understand that these days, you don't have to sign on credit cards at the pharmacy if, like, the amount's under $1,000, so she just sat in the lane for seven more minutes until I think someone finally told her to leave. I was also tired from my day of coughing fits & well, you know, a day of work. So I added some additional qualifiers to the life lesson of not grocery shopping while hungry: Don't shop when you're tired, sick, and filled with self-pity. Because it will go something like this: you will sail right by things you need. You double back. You grow even more tired and filled with self-pity, and this cycle continues so that by the time it's frozen-food-aisle time, your ability to pick and choose with any semblance of logic or needs-based thinking is absolutely shot to hell. Plus you're hungry. Seriously, I came |this| close to buying the party-sized box of cheddar jalapeno poppers. And had they been filled with cream cheese? It wouldn't have even been a debate. As it was, I got three kinds of french fries (they were on sale!), two cartons of ice cream (no sugar added & extra churned! and on sale!), and then two boxes of asian appetizer thingies (on sale!) because I wanted to rip open the box and gnaw on them Right! This! Minute!

Which totally would've made me the crazy lady at the grocery store. There's always one. If only I'd been wearing my pajamas.
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