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Monday, January 21, 2008

MLK Conversations

So, a certain someone suggested if I ever got around to sending out holiday cards by Martin Luther King Day, they could be from our dogs. I thought it was hilarious. Sadly, I haven't gotten to the card part. Sigh. But our dogs are definitely celebrating the holiday (they get to hang out inside because JWo also doesn't have to work). Good luck to them on the equality bit, though. The Magic Door to the Great and Tasty Food doesn't open unless ya got opposable thumbs.

The other conversation I had today was with a co-worker. Her father-in-law works at a very large government facility here in town that may or may not make high-tech weaponry, may or may not employ cell phone jamming systems in its vicinity and its old name may or may not rhyme with "Windex". There, apparently, all black employees can take today off (unpaid). But white employees can't. Which I thought was weird. I asked her, "But what if you embraced the ideas and beliefs of MLK?" and got your basic "Tough shit." I mean, hell. A day off -unpaid- I'd think you couldn't restrict who can or can't celebrate a holiday based on skin color. Maybe it's one of those unwritten rule things. All I know is that because there were no traffic po-lice out today, my commute was squished because people left their cars in areas that are normally tow zones, and I was most definitely NOT feeling the love for my fellow humans.

So, if you got the day off today, I hope it was enjoyable & filled with relaxation and hobbies!
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