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Monday, January 07, 2008

Hey, Guess What?

No, not chicken butt.

But! I am still allergic to ACE-inhibitor drugs. Yeah! Guess who errantly refilled the exact Rx that jacked her up last year, and has been taking it for a month? Uh, yeah.

I was in a hurry to refill any outstanding prescriptions before our insurance changed (and prices went up.) And Aetna's website isn't the smartest - if you had a prescription that changed, no matter - they'll serve the number up to you to click on "refill"! I even thought, before I actually got sick, that the little cough I had was reminiscent of the fun times I'd had at the beginning of the year. Even went so far as to double-check brand names. Guess who had a bottle of generic and didn't put two and two together? (Have you figured out yet that all the answers to these questions point back to ME?! Yeah. I'm a friggin' dope.)

I've since changed the features on my refill options so it shows the name of the drug, not just a random stream of numbers. And this morning, I picked out the little red pills from my pill box, and dumped all the remaining pills into the coffee grounds in the trash. Yes, coffee grounds. (There's a website an' everything for doing this. Super hooky addictive drugs are to be flushed, apparently.) Not that I think we're going to get an insurgence of homeless people going through our trash this week, desperately seeking a water pill.

So, I'm so excited to sleep through the night again, and I've learned my lesson. The only person who can be trusted to pay attention to what drugs I should be taking is ME. (Not that I did a great job, as evidenced by this, but I think I also assumed that the Big Insurance Database somehow got rid of things you weren't supposed to take. Not true!)

In knitting news, I have assembled the Doctor's Bag, and now need to sew up the lining & stitch it in to said bag. Pics to come!!! (photo link is not my bag, but one posted on Amazon.)
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