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Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm Bringin' Scratchy Back.....

Those other dust mites don't know how to act....
Cats & Dogs give me attacks....

OK, enough lyric spoofing. I went to the allergist! I got results! AND! Who knew I was allergic to dogs? Not me! I'd say whatever my allergic reaction to dogs is, it's nothing compared to cats. Cat pelt, to be specific. If I'm in a room with a cat, it's a matter of time before my eyes start to puff and burn, my skin feels like a rash is starting & I get itchy and the sneezing begins; not so with a dog, or at least any dogs I've met - including Polly & Suzy. But the truth is - if you inject Essence de Dog under my skin, I do react. And despite being OFF my allergy medication for three days, I didn't notice any major reactions in the house - sneezing or otherwise - just a runny nose. And my cough. Oh yes. My cough. The whole reason for going. The doc took one look at my prescriptions and immediately pronounced my water pill/blood pressure med as the culprit. The very prescription I started less than six months ago. Had a fella in last week with the same thing. 8-10% of people who take an ACE inhibitor-based medicine have this cough. No big deal to switch to something else, and I've already sent an email to my doctor about it. Let's keep our fingers crossed! He was extremely confident, which was lacking in my ENT's diagnosis.

However, allergy testing is not the most fun a gal can have on a Thursday afternoon. After the first set of 20 scratch tests on my back, they did an additional 9 on my arm. They tested cats & dust mites again, and I was exercising all the restraint I had not to claw my arm off. As a distraction, I took a couple of photos, you know, because I like to share the excitement of daily life:

The Final Nine

Not Happy

I'm glad that's over! And I'm back on Allegra, and getting my prescriptions changed, and hopefully returning to MY definition of "normal" tout de suite.


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