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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Live, Late-Breaking....and Amusing.

I'm watching KCTV5's morning show, and usually they're just chipper and entertaining, but now they're playing music that "segues" into their stories, and some story was just on about searching for a cure, so they played "Cure for Pain" by Morphine (which happens to be one of those bands that makes me want to drink whiskey & dance on tables) and I was shocked, because it's not the most mainstream song you'd expect to hear on the NEWS, but then the anchorwoman ruined it all by chirping, "And that's The Morphines!" I buried my face in my hands. Mark Sandman is going to haunt her ass tonight.

Other notable news stories from this morning: A 60-something year old lady named Vera in Tuckahoe NY had a surprise for a would-be robber of her deli - with one hand, she grabbed some singles and threw them on the floor, and when he bent down to get them, she went, WHAM, with the baseball bat she'd grabbed with her other hand, and the moral of the story was "Don't Mess With Vera", and Vera was quite the spitfire, but unfortunately, I can't find the news clip. Seeing Vera slam the bat on the imaginary burglar for the cameras (with the shouted "WHAM"!) was pretty awesome.

In my effort to find the clip, I did see a poll on the website, "Should scalping be legalized in Missouri, yes or no." WTF???? OH hell. I just clicked through for more info. See, I think it should be phrased TICKET SCALPING, because I completely went with my original definition of the word, and I could not believe my eyes, that someone was trying to legalize separating your scalp from your head.

Considering I was outside in the garden at SIX THIRTY this morning, I have decreed the rest of the day Free Time, beyond the errands I need to run. I got all my hostas & astilbe planted, landscape fabric down, rosemary potted & one decorative planter finished (uh, 10 more to go....) I need a lot more potting soil, so I'll get that today & finish up Operation Prettify between today & tomorrow!


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