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Friday, April 20, 2007

Knits 'n' Bits

I finished my summertime hat - I lurrrrve it - it's knit out of Mango Moon viscose, and it shrieks, "Let's go to Mexico! Drink things with wedges of lime in them! Now!"


I adapted the Chick Knits Bucket Hat pattern, because my gauge and her gauge and the yarn ..... well, let's just say I know how to knit & have done many a hat in my day, so her pattern provided a good template for me to jump off & make my own version. I then bought rayon-covered millinery wire & joiners on eBay, so I could make the brim stay out & in shape. Otherwise, it looked pretty goofy & ruffly. It's just damn cheerful. And who could use cheerful? Me! I've had long stretches of Oh, Not So Cheery, and I feel like my aforementioned forest is starting to have some clearings and dappled sunlight and genuine laughter that doesn't echo with undertones of sadness.

I also knit a hat for my co-worker who is going through chemo. I am going to make her a couple more hats, because that is my coping mechanism. She has sailed through her treatment for the ovarian cancer, but now they think she might have thyroid cancer as well. So she needs some hats, and she needs the words "remission" and "all better now" and "relax and have fun", and I can only do the hat part. So on and on I knit.

The first hat I've completed is out of Rowan CashSoft, and I guess the color is called Bella Donna. It's a beautiful shade of lilac! It's the Lace-Edged Women's Hat from Headhuggers - free pattern.


All right, so with all that said, I have to thank Bekah for being industrious and being a super fan & super friend, because she has nominated my blog, and the company I keep within the hobby category is pretty lofty. I don't pretend I'm even at the readership or skill level as the Yarn Harlot, so I appreciate her efforts to elevate my status in the Blogosphere.... She even made a cute button to promote me - seems to me like someone could have her OWN business designing webstuffs, in addition to her fabu photography skills! I can't get the button to show up, so once I figure out where the code error is kicking me in the teeth, I'll get it in here.

UPDATE! Got the button!


I do like that I have an "Adult Content" notation.

Well, I gotta run to a meeting, lunch is over. Happy Friday & have an excellent weekend!

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