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Thursday, April 12, 2007


So the dinner last night was awesome. The food, the service, the atmosphere - everything was stellar. Money well spent, and again, I get no kickbacks or free meals, but if you are looking for a good Mexican restaurant that isn't all about the goopy cheese and overly-fried things, Guadalajara Cafe is the place to go!

In addition to our menu, we got a big sheaf of paper explaining how tequila is made, and then page-ads of the different tequilas featured in the drinks we would be having.

Ever-on-the-lookout for marketing tie-ins, I said at one point, "The Tequila People MUST be involved in this shindig." Too true. A man I had never seen at the restaurant was strolling around the tables, providing shots (shots!) of various tequilas in addition to your regularly-scheduled drink. Now, the drinks weren't full-sized or doubles or anything, but I can tell you by the third course/drink, I started giggling uncontrollably at James, who was trying to explain turkey seasons between Missouri and Kansas to me. Something about hearing the old t-shirt saying in the back of my head: One tequila! Two tequila! Three tequila! Floor!

By the fourth course, I was desperately trying to make eye contact with the couple at the table next to us. I looked at James and confided, "I'm trying to make friends." He cracked up laughing as he replied, "Me too!"

Sadly, we made no friends. And we are not professional drinkers by any stretch of the imagination. By the time we got to the flan & it's accompanying Coffee Tequila Patron, we were losing some steam & buoyancy - even though the plates were small, the food was very filling and provided some ballast to offset the varying cocktails. They told us they'd be having another one towards the end of May, and I expect we'll be attending! Hopefully with existing friends, so we don't embarrass ourselves trying to make new ones mid-dinner.


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