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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Cute? You Can't Handle The Cute.

So a while back I mentioned that I'd knit a little something for Bekah and Mark's new bambino, Sammy. (Stop! Sammy Time!) In its flat, uninhabited state, I took a picture of the completed booties, sweater & hat. However, Bekah is an awesome photographer, and the photos of Sammy IN her new duds and accessories are way more impressive. With all credits to her, here is Miss Samantha Marie in her Mason-Dixon Kimono sweater, hand-knit booties and the Baby Beret hat. The yarn was "YarnBee" from Hobby Lobby, for it's washability; it was very soft & thus the hat was rather floppy. I used bright pink buttons on the sweater, and a matching button at the top of the beret. Bekah reports that she can not only work the beret with a provincial French flair, but alternately looks like a chef, and even a rastafarian baby. I'd love to say the clothes make the baby, but Sammy is cute no matter what she's sporting....


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