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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Midweek Random Orts

1. While I love Planet Earth, it does get a little hard for me to watch. JWo keeps saying "Survival of the fittest!" "Circle of Life"! And while I know it intellectually, I can't help but root for the critters to escape the predators.

2. The Easter Bunny is never going to come to our house again. Suzy caught and SWALLOWED a baby bunny. I told her she was NEVER going to get on Cute Overload with behavior like that. She remained unfazed and of the clear conscience, for she understands the Circle thing.

3. Tonight's our tequila-tasting dinner. Woo-hoo! Bring on the mariachi band!

4. I hate this weather, officially. Chance of snow this weekend? Are you kidding me? Does this current weather mean we're going to have a summer filled with 110-degree days to counterbalance the bone-chilling damp cold?

5. I am not for the self-censorship too much, and I am also not for the making my blog private, because I know there are a lot of people I don't even know who read my blog. I find myself grappling with the "I share myself on my blog space for my own therapy and enjoyment and the similar effect on like-minded others, with hopefully a laugh or six" with the "I then am sharing myself with the people who do not so much like me yet read me still" schools of thought. Reminder to self: Cannot control the world yet. Continue working on that. Keep being great. Everything else is fluff in the lint trap.

6. I am officially in love with CVS. We are so serious, I have a Care Card and I get bonus dollars. It's almost as good as a Woolworth's, though I was sad they had little to no Easter candy left (my candy bowl at work gets raided throughout the day.) I loves me a bargain, especially on chocolate!

7. I started the bucket hat over, with my new calculations for my gauge with the Mango Moon viscose yarn. It's so perfect, and a riot of color, that it makes up for the fact there's no elasticity/give, it's just like knitting with cotton. And we all know how much I love knitting with cotton. HAH! I essplode with the laughters at you. Get it away from me, now, rapido, gigante, go!

8. Long ago I mispronounced "Sabado Gigante" much to the amusement of my co-workers. Now I love to insert "gigante" as an adjective, noun, adverb, whatever. Gigante! Make it so! Gracias!

9. I gave a friend of mine some advice the other day, and one line from my email to her jumped out as I re-read it for typos and clarity (I know, you are gigante shocked, what with the random sentence structure in this post):

Sometimes I think we're blinded when we're in pain, and it's because we simply can't divide our energy between learning and healing.

10. Never stop learning. Unless you're healing.


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