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Monday, April 09, 2007

My Dog Will Jump Off Anything....

....if there's a dummy or something else to retrieve. James got her to do her fearless launch from the diving board on the swimming dock this weekend, and I took a series of pictures of both dogs going on retrieves. (Suzy had no desire to get on the diving board!)
Diving Board Launch (Polly)

The first pictures we took, Polly launched straight at me! She totally splashed me & I love the reflection of her on the water, pre-splash.

Polly Jumping, Straight On

You can click through and see the photos on Flickr; we had a really nice weekend at the lake. I got through the anniversary of the day my dad called to tell us he had cancer (April 7. Interestingly enough, his wife Brenda told me she'd gone through it on Wednesday. Dad waited several days to tell me, always his style - protect, slowly reveal, etc.) James' grandmother gave me an extra-long hug when we left, just to let me know she understood. We talked about how sadness fades a bit, and how time does make things better. I really wasn't sad this weekend until we started watching the Sopranos last night, and I remembered one of my last conversations with dad, how he wanted to know how it all ended, and would he live to see it. The opening music brought tears to my eyes, and then it passed. The unexpected moments. The nice thing is, they balance out. Watching the sheer zest and drive in my dog was a very joyful thing.
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