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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mouth Breathers, Unite!

I seem to be on a strange evolution involving my sinuses. It would be nice if the end goal were that I will grow scent pockets in them, akin to the bloodhounds, and be able to track things across water. Not that I have a great need for tracking in general, but it would be a nifty SuperSkill to have, I think. Can you tell I was influenced by this show on hound dogs over the weekend?

So the trouble all started last January, and while I've kiiiind of stopped coughing at night - I did actually stop completely, but I have a bit of recurrence going on this week - I feel like my nose and sinuses have been packed with expand-o foam that would ordinarily be used to ship something fragile via your friendly box-kicking carrier. And my voice is rapidly dropping into the dulcet tones of Kathleen Turner, and I'm afraid I'm going to skip right past the tenor section to the froggy croaking section of the Oakridge Boys.

And I'm mouth-breathing. Damn, it is so sexy. I imagine what my co-workers think as they pass by on their way to the supply closet (yes, my half-office-half-cube is almost a Harry Potter residence), and they HAVE to be thinking, GODDAMN! That woman is staring at her computer with her jaw gaping open, gaspin' like a sexxy fish. She is soooooooo fine.

Wait'll I start singing. Giddyup! A boom boppa mouw mouw..........


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