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Monday, April 16, 2007

Say What You Will, The Sky Is A Lovely Shade of Purple In My World.....

I was driving home last Friday, following a white car that had been rear-ended on the driver's side at some point. While cognitively, I knew it was damage, my brain immediately thought there was an elaborate sticker wrapping on the corner of the bumper, and that sticker was depicting a black & white ink drawing of an anteater wearing a smoking jacket. You know, something a la Edward Gorey.

Sometimes a dent is just a dent.... or is it?

And you know how it is, once you get an idea in your head and you simply can't see anything else? Well, for the remaining mile we spent together, I kept staring at that frickin' anteater, dressed in his finest, and had to get the picture. Which does not do it justice, and like my husband commented on Flickr, may in fact make you believe I am dropping acid into my coffee, but I assure you, I am not.

Anteater. Smoking Jacket. Purple sky. Or is that...haze?


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