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Friday, April 13, 2007

WoooooSAHHHH, with garlic breath.

That's just a word of caution, in case you wanna woo-sahhhh with me in person. I had a slice of garlic bread at lunch and the vampires will be steering clear of me for the rest of the day, undoubtedly! God, I love me the Cupini's.....

I keep forgetting it's Friday the 13th, and while I'm not terribly superstitious, I'm pretty adamant about nothing bad happening today. Or if it does have to happen, then it's gotta be TODAY. I am ready for the past seven days to be over with, because they were drama-filled, stupid, and irritating. I keep erasing what I'd LIKE to say, because there's nothing to be gained from it. I need to move on from the stupidity, I'm just going to let it go. Garlic Wooooooo saaaahhhhhhh. Having a clear conscience and the support of great friends helps a lot.

I taught my class last night at The Studio, and Chelle, Molly & Julie all were great students. Laura was also a huge help! We had lots of laughs, I showed them a couple little tricks & shared my notes and thoughts on Lizard Ridge & things to keep in mind - and was so glad I had this blog to go back over, since most of my notes were in posts as I made it. There was a crazy moment when everyone had left & I was turning out the lights where I realized.... I'm alone. In a yarn shop. (Am I dreaming?) Usually when I go there, it's over lunch or right after work, and there's almost always a handful (or if there's a sale, a gobful) of people there and sometimes you do the back-and-forth hustle dance with someone who's coming the other direction and is also interested in the sock yarn :) It was so quiet, and if I hadn't been hungry for dinner, I bet I'd have given some of my favorite yarns a zen-moment petting..... probably for the best I didn't indulge, because right after I left, the manager's husband showed up to take care of a couple things, and it would have been really dorky to be caught with my head in a tub of cashmere..... Hi there! Just me! Bobbin' for Artyarns! aaaaand guess who'll never teach in this town again?! (Can't you hear the whispers? "She was on the floor with all the Noro...." "I heard she was wearing a Colinette kit like a wig!")

Today's a bit languid - most of our work is going to hit next week with a vengeance, and both the bosses are out getting Lasik! We'll be renaming ourselves the Eagle-Eyed Ad Agency if enough people here get it. I can't wait to hear about their experiences. And, even though it's going to be totally gross and SNOWY and yecchy, I'm looking forward to spending the weekend getting caught up on my shows, finishing my summer hat & starting on a chemo cap for a co-worker who will undergo three weeks of the nasty stuff. She's going to do a blog about her experiences & I'll link to it (if she'd like) when she's ready. She & her husband just had a baby, and if not for the baby, they wouldn't have found the cancer, so their little one's a bit of a miracle bambino, and mom's prognosis is great because the cancer was still in an early stage. It's strange how the word "cancer" sometimes makes tears spurt out of my eyes, and then other times, it seems like just another word. I still cope pretty much the same way: knit, knit, knit.

Have a wonderful weekend yourself, and if you're carrying anger or irritation around in your heart, let yourself get rid of it, if even for only an hour, and see how it feels. We can make our own luck - and mental peace - even on Friday the 13th!

woooooosahhhhhhhhhh and quit backing away from me. ;)
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