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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Slap This!

The Wo outdid himself with a surprise yesterday..... I came home & eventually noticed my latest sock project was put on my chair. I said something, as I walked over to move it, thinking he had taken it off the tray table so he could use the table. Then I saw a crazy object underneath the knitting, and when I picked it up, it made a scraping noise. I shook it a little, and got even more scraping sounds. Since he is gearing up for turkey hunting, I muttered something like, "hmmmmm, and that's a turkey call, never seen anything like THAT before, mmmmkaaaay" and he just stared at me.

I clued in finally that this was something that maybe merited more attention from me. (Hey, I wasn't called "Fogbanks" for nuttin'!) Turns out, I now own my very own VIBRASLAP.

This is the instrument the lead singer of Cake is always whacking & it makes a delightful, long buzzing/rattle. I'm totally joining a band now. And because I can also use a diaphragm turkey call, I could really be a show-stopper. Cluckin' and slappin'!

(And in case you read the comments and wondered if some miracle had taken place, Momma Linda is James' mom, my mother-in-law. She's so great, and I'm not just saying that because she left me the nicest comment, ever. She just is.)

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