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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Random Orts!

- My boss & I are going out on a sales pitch this afternoon. I immediately had the image from The Traveling Salesman episode of The Office, when Phyllis and Karen get makeovers so they resemble the client's wife. (I think this is influenced in part by the fact I have a haircut at lunch.)

- I'm really digging the band Guster right now.

- Since my cough continues to plague me, I wrestled with Option A (doing what the ENT said, get a sinus scan and consult a pulmonary disease specialist, which hello, does that sound scary or what?), Option B (going back to my regular physician to review my options), and Option C (ignoring everything and simply willing myself back to health.) Turns out, there is Option D. Two people, in the same night, emailed me and raised the issue of allergies, since they have been struggling with theirs and had some similar symptoms. My thanks to Beth and Mosker, because as I mulled and considered this option, I found myself mentally running back to Easter weekend on the calendar and saying, "But see, self? We WERE fine for a while back there!" and then, it hit me. It froze that weekend. It stayed cold. And last night? Loads of rain. Cleaning the air. No coughing - at least nothing that woke me up. I'm coughing a bit again today, and I have an appointment a week from today with an allergist. The woman on the phone said they had seen a lot of people with these symptoms, so I will have three days of hell (you have to go off your antihistamines in order for the tests to work), but then hopefully we'll have some answers that don't involve snaking cameras and equipment down my nose and throat. I figure I'm due for an allergen review, anyway, since it's been over 10 years since the first & only one I had. Which I do not remember with great fondness. While I wasn't allergic to a lot? I was WILDLY allergic to several things, and I recall the madness of sitting there, feeling my skin react to the cat dander, dust mites, mold and whatever tree and grass pollen spazzes me out. Apparently this has been a dreadful season for those with allergies, so I'd like to find either the right drug, or explore allergy shots, so I don't go through this again.

- I have a million things to do, that I want to do, and I have a feeling the weekend's going to whiz-bang by! Tonight's knit night, the KC Gardener's Association plant sale started today, and I'm almost done with the 3rd chemo cap for my co-worker. I'm going to deliver them all when I take her family dinner in a couple of weeks; now I need to come up with a good dish to make, preferably vegetarian, that freezes well and doesn't involve mushrooms. Any suggestions?

And while we're open to suggestions, what sort of extreme sport should YOU try? I love the notion of mine....
You Should Try Street Luge

With speeds of up to 70 mph,
Skateboarding laying down is not as tame as it seems.
What Extreme Sport Should You Try?


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