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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Large & In Charge

Shit, that's what they'd probably put on my tombstone, if I were to have one. Except I guess it would have to say 'Large & Not In Charge Anymore'. And speaking of tombstones, I don't want one, fyi. Back to taking the reins, sometimes when you feel really off-kilter and out-of-sorts, the best thing you can do is TAKE CHARGE. And that's what I did today. Bam! Boom! Thwack! (No people or animals were harmed in the Taking of the Charge.) Felt good. Got rid of the crazies that were fluttering around like drunken moths obscuring the light from my soul.

Speaking of crazy, My Friend Kristin has some sort of restraint. Yesterday on HER morning commute, a crazy woman stood in the middle of the intersection and started taking her clothes off while talking wildly to noone in particular. If :I: had seen that, you bet your bippity I'd have had my camera phone out so fast you wouldn't have even had time to SPELL crazy. Blog Fodder, posting by 9 a.m.! Crazy People! Disrobing! Not me for once!

Well, it's day #139 of overcast and rainy, and yes, that's a grotesque exaggeration, it's only been two days of it, but still. I know we all need rain and clouds and April Showers Bring May Flowers, but embroider that shit on a pillow, I need some SUN! Not baking, broiling, stifling heat (we had to put the a/c on for one. whole. day!) but just nice beams of sunshine and Vitamin D and a little drying out and really, in the end, this is all about the tempo of the wiper blades. When it's not pouring rain, you put the wipers on "intermittent". And then there's a gauge for "super long pause intermittent" on one end, and "why aren't you just kicking it up to regular wiper speed intermittent". And finding the perfect balance in-between, the exact point where the wipers clear your windshield without allowing too much rain to collect, people, this is frustrating to find. And I'm tired of playing the What's My Proper Wiper Speed game while I'm trying to drive, and slowing for school zones and looking at Ward Parkway and then add to that, I'm now on watch for insane people pulling their shirts off. The burdens. How does one smaller than I bear them, I ask you? :sniff: It's difficult to even imagine it.

(I'm feeling verbose AND dramatic and that can only lead to one thing: bizarro blog entries!)
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