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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

When I Rule The World, Some People Are Gettin' Smacked Upside The Head.

Unbeknownst to me last Saturday night, I witnessed a burglary.

I had gone to pick up some dinner, kind of late, because I'd gotten all wrapped up again in my plantings, so it was around 7:30, 7:45. As I headed for 99th Street, I looked over to where the KC Gardener's Association plant sale had been, and saw people loading the plants into their cars. Of course, I thought they were volunteers, because every year after the plant sale, the leftover plants are taken to the association chair's home, where they are sold at half price. The Wo and his buddy Eric were going to go over to his house Monday after work, and I even remember thinking, "Wow, they had a lot of plants leftover, the guys will have fun on Monday looking at them all!"


Jerkballs, thieves, assholes, you pick the noun - they loaded up all the plants into their cars and STOLE THEM. From a non-profit organization. $7,000 worth of plants. James and Eric discovered this when they went by the chair's house last night. And imagine my surprise to discover I'd watched it happen.

I said to James this morning, "Well, certainly the police will investigate that, given how much the plants were...." and I trailed off, because of course, the value of the things stolen from OUR home last year was more than that. And nobody ever followed up or did anything to make me feel like an ounce of effort was being put into finding the culprits. So I'm just saying. When I rule the world, things like this will be given the attention they deserve. Part of me wishes I'd been feeling my usual chatty self and gone over and chirped at those people, maybe gotten a better look or even an inkling that they were up to no good. Of course, who knows. They might have been armed plant robbers, and god only knows how badly they wanted all these plants. It's just a damn shame, because it's their only fundraiser and you want to believe that the hobbies of gardening, or knitting, attract and retain only good moral people, but we know people steal yarn, steal knitted samples, and now we know they steal plants.

Maybe instead of a head smack, they should get a cactus smackin'. Where it counts.
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