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Monday, December 31, 2007

TALES of the Shut-In....

(insert dramatic, sweeping music here)

Seriously. This has been the vacation of containment and reclusiveness. I have touted all the knitting, but really, apart from a small mountain of laundry, I have nothing to show for myself except an enormous list of watched movies (with more in the wings, so you'll have to wait for my one-line reviews.) Well, level 6 on Guitar Hero. I cannot battle Leo and win so apparently, I'm stuck there. Right now, I'm enjoying some episodes of The First 48 on A&E and re-caffeinating my body - unfortunately, all the ads are geared at senior citizens preparing their estates and planning funerals and buying insurance so as to not burden your survivors. I'm beginning to resemble my shut-in friends more and more.

Part of the lethargy was being sick - and I still have a cough, but the fits of aggravated hacking have wound down to just a couple a day, so I'm glad about that. Part of it was sheer and utter laziness. I'm not one of those people who like to go on vacation and see forty-two points of local interest. My idea of a vacation involves moving slowly at my own pace (much like my animal sister, the Three-Toed Sloth), enjoying good meals & drinks, laughing, and naps.

So. I'd say I pretty much did that for the holiday break! But it occurred to me that re-entering the work world would be pretty brutal, if I maintained my degree of non-communication and shut-in-ness. Kind of like burning up in the Earth's atmosphere when returning from space, if you didn't plan for it. So I went to the grocery store this morning. Oy. Everyone has today off, pretty much, and 9/10ths of them were at the grocery store. And I don't think most of them had a list. One woman got all bent out of shape in the rice aisle, but jesus, sister, we're stacked up like trout swimming upstream here, and you think you're being all gracious stopping - but you've parked right in front of the items I need. Sorry, but I've got a list! Once it was time to checkout, I was headed for a relatively empty lane, manned by my favorite bagger Calvin, and another woman tried to steer in front of me.... I have to admit, even in my foggy stupor, I was coming back around to the Ways of the World. Cut that bitch off at the pass. Mmmhmmm. James would have been horrified, he's Mr. Congeniality and Consideration at the store. It's a dog-eat-dog world and I'd already endured enough idiotic behavior - and my cart was pointed straight in while hers? Rolling along perpendicular, trolling for a better lane. So I figured the right of way went to me.

I noticed on my drive there, how things I normally ticked off in my head seemed new again - gas prices, for instance. I had only left the house once in uh, four days? And that was only to get Thai food, 6 blocks away. Ordinarily, I'd be noticing the rise & fall of gas prices, and mentally calculating when the best time to get gas might be - and today, I was all, Durrr? $2.81? It was in the $2.60's when last I was out! I thought briefly about adding some stops - or maybe going back out again - but nah.

I'm overdue for a nap.
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