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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I am seriously feeling the panic. Part of it is because many things are still undefined, and I'm a planner. I think we're going to figure out the bulk of it tonight, so that's good. And we'll be a-wrappin' presents tonight, too. There is much! to! be! done! I need to mail things, too. Whups. And write people back. And remember the funny things I wanted to blog about. And do laundry. Oh lordy, the laundry. I discovered a shirt today that I had forgotten about and it was like a beacon from heaven, saving me from myself. Yay! Clean shirt!

It's good this time of year to appreciate the little things. Like a clean shirt. And breathing. That's like, the best invention ever. So repetitive. I need to do a little more. :)

Oh, one funny thing today - James was trying to tell me Jason Lee was playing Alvin in the new Chipmunks movie, and I finally had to say really loudly, "Alvin IS a chipmunk, James." (and everyone around me was laughing, at me.) And because there has been a lot of hype about these Chipmunks, I keep getting that song stuck in my head, the one I only know one line to, "I hope I get a HUUUUULA hooop", but enough of the melody to hear it over and over and over. So you know, as I pound my head towards madness, I'll at least have a theme song.


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