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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pass The Euthanasia

I went to a cookie exchange this afternoon, barely flinching at the notion of missing the Chiefs game. That's how disappointing this season has been.

Got in my car just after 5, and with the optimism that seems to be put in the city water, I turned on the radio to check on the game. 34-7. Denver. Gah. I listened to three plays - the first was a gain of 8 (Chiefs), the second was a sack, the third? Another sack with a fumble - turnover to Denver. I couldn't stand it anymore and went back to NPR. This team has been riddled with injury, the offense is horrible, and all we can do now is look towards next year and hope that all the calls for Peterson's removal are answered. (Nice photo, Carl. Was that taken 10 years ago? Right before things started to plummet?)

The only humane thing now is to put this season down. Shots of Pentobarbital for all my Chiefs fan friends....

(I know my husband is totally laughing at me. He thinks it's hysterical when I "talk football", but he's the one who first told me that CP is at the root of our team's problems. The more I read, the more this is confirmed! And the more I watch us lose.... it's 41-7 now......)


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