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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hand Me My Violin....

I have to say it. I am loving every gruesome second of tonight's KCTV5 Kline Controversy. (God, why didn't they make it "Kontroversy"?) I watched it last night, and have been riveted ever since. (Tonight? Has been All Phill Kline All The Time - No Weather, Even!) I know people who were in the previous DA's office, and I know they have got to be loving it.

Lest you think I've jumped on a bandwagon for the last block of the parade, I give you this post from 2005. My dislike for the man has been long-seated. And yes, all of my dislike for the man comes from his aggressive, personal agenda with Planned Parenthood & legal abortion providers. But the beauty of this expose is the fact that the man keeps an apartment above a storage unit, run by a couple of SuperPhillFans, and he never seems to LIVE there. (He has the residence so he's qualified to work in JoCo. Meanwhile, he & his wife stay nicely ensconced in Topeka.) And, from what they could parse together, it seems like he doesn't really put in a full workweek. So I can't wait to see if our suburban friends in the Land of Little Trees actually feel enough outrage to toss him on his not-working-very-much-not-adhering-to-residency-rules ass.

Oh, and Phill? I'll be the one with the fiddle, just past the flames. And lose the extra "L". It's kinda stupid.


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