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Monday, November 19, 2007

Out Of The Grey......

You know that expression "Out of the blue"? Well, sometimes you get things that come out of the grey. Because when the skies are crisp and bright and blue, sure, it's great to have things happen unexpectedly (as long as they're great things), but they really count when the skies are grey.

JWo and I both had tough days, we've got stressful things that are and aren't related to work, and at least we're not stressing each OTHER out, but we arrived home tonight at the same time, his mind filled with thoughts, my mouth open, screaming at my dashboard to get that extra ounce of frustration OUT before I opened the car door.

Ten minutes later, he stood at the top of the steps to the backyard and we looked at each other (black labs tearing around us) and he said, "I'm so glad we have each other." And we hugged and kissed and we were grateful (and this is where you go "awwww"...) and I went inside & hit the blinking button on the answering machine.

It was a reporter, from the New York Times. He wanted to interview James about duck hunting, and climate changes, and the season this year. I was so excited, I ran out the door & told him, and he came in after he finished marking for the fence, and returned the call.

After talking to James, the reporter is now trying to fly out here to go on a duck hunt with him; the challenge is finding a photographer and coordinating flights - during the busiest travel time of the year. I forgot all about my petty anger, and just felt pride. The New York Fuckin' Times. Yeah. It just makes me smile, a smile that comes from deep within and warms me to the tips of my toes as it curves to my nose....

Oh, and the other little drop of silver in this day? Came in the mail. Welcome to the family, Tripper. You're bona-fide officially ours.

Welcome to the Family, Tripper.
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