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Friday, November 09, 2007

Why I Do Not Like The Phone

Today may be full of blogs, peeps. The things, they just keep comin'.

I answered the phone, and it was someone looking for Jim. Now, my husband is James, so much so, I do not even think of him when I hear "Jim" but instead, think of my boss. Who is Jim. Anyway, I was all, "WHO? Jim? You got the wrong number" and then they said Jim + his last name, and then oooooh yeah, ok, people do shorten names on their own. So this guy told me who he was, Tim, and that he was involved in James' organization (MWA) and I thought I recognized the name as someone I'd met a few times, who was a very nice man and someone I knew I could joke around with (you can see where this is going, can't you?). Tim continued to tell me that he had an interesting proposition for him that he wanted to discuss.

I get all coquettish and say, "So, does this proposition involve him taking his clothes off?"

And Tim goes, "Uh........" Pause. "Well not at first, anyway."

And I'm all HAHAHAHAHA I am so funny and "Well, I'm sure he'll be interested!" and I proceed to take down Tim's pertinent info and phone numbers.

JWo called five minutes ago & I passed along the info, and said, "Tim's the banker, right?"

"No. Tim works for the DNR (Dept. of Nat. Resources) and is on our state board."



"I might have told him you were willing to take your clothes off. I thought he was the other Tim."

Whups. I should just be tranquilized and not allowed near the phone or computer or the public at large, really.

UPDATE: I guess James called him back, and told him he'd heard his wife had maybe gotten a bit salty with him, and he said, "Yeah, I debated on whether or not to tell her this call might be recorded..." Turns out he's with the Dept. of Natural Resources. So another page for my file. Saucy AND Salty AND Mismatched. It's a fabulous Friday!


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