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Monday, October 29, 2007

A Flurry of Domesticity

Yesterday was a whirlwind, for both the Wo and I. He commented at the end of the day that we'd adhered to our gender roles quite faithfully that day - he spent most of it outside, putting together the panels for the greenhouse, and I'd spent most of my day in the kitchen. I made a double batch of The Great Pumpkin cookies - pumpkin, oatmeal & chocolate chips, soooo yummy - and then a batch of Squash Rolls (I'm looking right at you, Rebs.), and a slow cooker of turkey/black bean chili, with tomatoes from the garden. I've been a tenacious tomato picker in these final months, because if there's one thing I love in this world, it's homegrown tomatoes, and seeing them on the vine elicits a compulsion in me that I Must! Pick! Them! because anything else would be wasteful. Sigh. Anyhoo, everything was quite a success, even if I did feel like I was burning the stove & the mixer at both ends. (and wishing my mixer could handle a double batch of ... anything!)
So I figured out how to get my pictures off of my new (little) camera, and here is the pictorial evidence of my domestic adventures..... the cookies were a big hit here at the office!
Great Pumpkin Cookies

Squash rolls - pre-rising, and post-oven:
Dough's a Risin'

Squash Rolls

Chili ...
Turkey Black Bean Chili
It looks kinda crazy, but the steam was jacking with the photo, so it's the best I could do. It was scrumptious... again with the habanero vinegar!

Last, but not least, Suzy soaking up some sun on a Sunday....

Suzy Catching Some Rays

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