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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hump Day

This week, we got thanked for all our hard work and it was acknowledged that we were humping as fast as we could.

Kristin & I descended into giggles. We're 12-year old boys. Booger.

Speaking of hump, or humping, Tripper? Lives to hump Polly. Who tolerates it 0.7 seconds and then it's all teeth snapping and fighting. It's great. Except she ignores him if she thinks she's going to get petted, so it was like a frickin' conga line in the living room tonight, and we were laughing too hard to make it stop.

Sigh. Don't let the laughing fool you. The puppy is wearing me out. I know everyone thinks we're gonna keep him, but I can't let myself go there, because the house shrunk by 33% when he came in the door, and it's bedlam and melee every morning and night. And knowing that he could be gone soon makes me cling to my heart and not let it go, even when he looks up at me with his dopey face and leans so SO so hard against me, every atom of his being wiggling and saying "I love you, lady!" I know if he doesn't go to James' friend, I'll eventually wear down and I'll have to put up with a smaller house and a humping fiend. He's housebroken, he learns quickly, he's an awesome little dude!

But I'm tired. And I have a big day tomorrow, with a presentation and whatnot, so I need to go to bed. As long as I can get this earworm out of my mind.... you know which one......

my humps! my humps! my lovely lady lumps, check it out!
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