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Friday, October 05, 2007

Me & My 800 Tiles Made From Good Intentions Are DONE!

You know the saying - the road to hell being paved with good intentions? Well today is living proof!

I had a good morning at home, got things done that I needed to do - worked out, took care of a visiting Gracie, got JWo's lunch pulled together, got myself dressed & out the door. Even the first 40 minutes of work were looking good - my hope to leave early looked very promising, and I was putting lines through my to-do list.

Then it screeched to a halt. I have spent the past three hours on a crisis, and I was supposed to have confirmation of budgets (to spend money on said crisis) over an hour ago. I can't leave because the minute I go - the project will be approved. This is one of those situations when it feels like I. Am. Not. Flexible! I was going to leave early, catch up on some of my shows, do a little knitting & relax before the whole Weekend O' BBQ festivities begin ..... but no. Now I'm starting to wonder if all this time spent will even amount to any project execution, because each minute that goes by means it will become more impossible to make happen - and the likelihood of moving forward dwindles. So it will all have been for naught! Sigh. I'm gonna have a pity party at my desk, so feel free to entertain me with your comments.....

UPDATE: Nope, project not approved. Could still happen, could still happen on Monday. I just sent all my sales people an apology & update, and they're all being gracious, despite me screaming at them four hours ago to GO! GO! GO! like I was their air force drill sergeant loading them onto a rescue chopper. Sigh. This is why I try to be nice to everyone, because then when we have days like this, those same people don't actually want to slit my throat. I'm going to return to my to-do list & still hopefully leave a smidge early. But it may require napping to shake off this day!


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