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Monday, September 24, 2007

Why Am I Wearing Shoes Right Now?

Because the mouse that has decided OUR house is much lovelier than, say, his previous home, in a thatch of grass or even hubby's workshop, has moved IN. There's nothing like seeing something skitter across the floor out of the corner of your eye - and knowing you weren't hallucinating or anything. Eeeeyow. I have no idea how having my shoes on helps? But it makes me feel a little more secure. I have no desire to stomp a mouse, or even really kill one, but seriously when the chips are down, it's him or me, and I can tell you, evolution-believer or not, I will come out on top.

Polly is not a cat. She snoozed through the entire skittering. I wish Wo and I weren't allergic, because having a cat right now would be great, except then I think how said cat might wake us up with said dead mouse in mouth, as a joyous 2 a.m. offering, and that would be say, not so lovely.

I have been cranking - I am teaching three classes at the Studio this Fall/Winter session - Baby Surprise, the Brea Bag, and Chevron Scarf. I have Baby Surprise completely done, with buttons basted on, and the Brea bag is done - took me a frantic day to find the long-ago purchased purse handle - and while I didn't get the lining done, the bag itself is DONE. And Chevron is going to have to wait to be finished, but I am half done, will block it tonight, and we can display it in its prettiness until it's time to teach the class & I'll finish that bad boy. I'm definitely going to make Polly model it, because it looks great on her!

Wow, I have a lot of work to do tomorrow, I can't think about it or I'll never fall asleep! Must block, then bed....
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