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Monday, September 10, 2007

My Spidey Sense

...tells me that someone may end up getting me THIS for Xmas. (James, no. This is not a hint. Or a request. Thank you. It could not be less romantic.)

I love the Angry Chicken & her things and it cracks me up that she now has a bonnet pattern - in all sizes, including grown-up. Nothing says Ye Olde Wagoney Trail to work in a Murano on Ward Parkway whilst wearing my bonnet. (Out of some extremely trendy fabric, mind you.)

In other hilarity, I give you this discovery from the Oriental Supermarket:
Veggie Chopper: Solution To All Our Problems

Seriously, for the low low price of $11.99, you can solve everything in your life. Just me and my veggie chopper, cozied up on the loveseat. Without a touch. Without a world... do you think they meant "word"? I like to think so.

ETA: This IS a veggie chopper. I got a close-up of the box so I could get the verbage. After publishing this post/pic I realized you can't tell what it is, and could very well jump to some seriously incorrect conclusion. Ahem.

In other garbled communication, I have a fortune taped to my monitor because I misread it, and I loved it so in my version. "You're like sunshine and fresh air." Of course it just says "You like sunshine and fresh air", but I added a colon after "you" to make it more descriptive. I am. Like sunshine. And fresh air. Without a touch. Without a world.

But with a bonnet.


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