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Friday, August 31, 2007

Cut & Paste

This is an email I sent the Wo yesterday afternoon. Yesterday? Brutal. Today? Will be a different kind of brutal, but brutal nonetheless. I am looking forward to sleeping this cold right outta me. And not working on Monday. And? Finishing Mystery Stole #3!!! Anyway, I think this email says it all - rather than rewrite the events, I'll let you see how I communicate with my hubby in times of stress....

First of all, EVERYTHING IS OK.
But it's been a really stressful day & the last five minutes just shaved a year off my life. Brinks called at work that the alarm was going off in zones 2,3 & 5 (or whatever) and did I want the police sent & was anyone supposed to be there. I told them we have cleaning people, but yes, go ahead and send the police, and then I see Christine has called my cell (twice) because the front door was locked & :almost: shut, but not shut completely? (but enough that I could set the alarm today) and so the cleaning people didn't want to go in because they were freaked out, because while they were debating on going in, some tweeker drove by in a silver mini van really slowly, twice, and then five minutes later came by in a different car, they swear, and of course we have the history of The Day Your Cleaning People Came We Was Robbed, so Christine went ahead and called the police and they "cleared the house" (that would be my COPS lingo talkin') and they're the ones who set OFF the alarm, because of course they had to clear the house first, and then they had Angela go through to make sure it looked "normal" & so who knows if a second unit was actually dispatched or not. Let's just note that it definitely took less time than 20 minutes for all of this to happen. WHERE WERE YOU ASS CLOWNS A YEAR AGO.

I'm just fucking relieved, and of course I'm in the post-adrenaline rush so all my muscles are twitching, though it could be combining with the cold meds too, so who the hell knows. Jesus. I agreed with Christine, better safe than sorry, and I'd rather have them call the police to make sure it's all ok than to walk in on a freakjob who shreds them with a pizza cutter.

So I guess on cleaning people days we make sure the door's shut. Heh. And I have so much work to do I am about to snap. Yay!

----end of email-----
Now, I must say, despite the fifteen minutes of Xtreme! Stress! Now with More Worry! Topped with Confusion! I feel 100x better about having our alarm system and that it operates as it's supposed to. And the fact that burly police officers went through our house with guns drawn is very exciting. (Well, I don't know that they had guns drawn, but it does enhance the imagined incident, so I'm running with it.) Perhaps I've watched a little too much Kansas City SWAT. Or COPS. Or both. Oh baby. Long weekend, Court TV/A&E marathons...... it can't get here fast enough!


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